Thursday, May 14, 2009

We're Half Way There...

Regrettably, the natural light in these photos is pre-thunderstorm crap, but - yeehaw - the pergola has been installed (stay tuned for the unforgettable saga) and the fence is raised. Now all we need is the lighting (another, albeit less interesting, story), stone floor and the landscaping and we'll be all set for the year.

It's actually freakin' awesome in the sun - you'll have to trust me till I can take some more pics. And when the floor is in it's going to be a tiny, shaded oasis in the midst of a slightly less tiny, less shady oasis. See the little buds on my honey locust? (Does that sound kind of dirty??)

Next year comes with its own set of garden upgrades, but let's not get ahead of ourselves...


  1. Fabulous pergola! It looks really awesome in the space and I can't wait to see the rest develop.

  2. Hope it goes smoothly ... relatively speaking ...

  3. You are going to love your pergola, I know! I'm crazy about the way mine looks in sunshine -- the play of light and shadow -- and it's going to be so cool watching it changes with the vines growing over it. Enjoy!

  4. I can barely remember what it's like to have outdoor space.

  5. How exciting! It's really coming along out there.

  6. Doing a "happy dance"- So this means you found a fab carpenter at a fab price?

    Woot, woot! So will this space be your new blogging space?

  7. Mardel: Thanks! You will be in on all the action (for better or worse!)

    Sal: Wait till I tell you the story about how they built this, tore it down and started again...

    materfamilias: That's just it - I love the dapples of light on the wood and the shade and the fact that it draws one's eye away from the hideousness behind it. Thanks!

    Wendy: What do you need with outdoor space what with Manhattan being at your constant access!

    Thanks Alek! (I hope I spelled that right...)

    GJ: The carpenter was never really in question - we've worked with him before and we like and trust him and his work. The thing is, there's just a ton of wood and work in this. Which costs. We cut the price by saving a couple of features till next year. But it was still pretty hideously $$$.

  8. I am getting excited for your Pergola K.Line.;D And have a great day ahead.;D

    A Writers Den

  9. OMG, I LOVE it. Are we going to have partio christening party??

  10. Have a wonderful weekend,can't wait to see the next shot!

    Travel and Living

  11. Oh but you'll have this place forever, and it will add a lot of value K-line, I can not wait to see the finished product ~= )

  12. i love it! i am crazy for little shady patches on a nice day. it just feels so good. ah. wish i was in one right now. :)

  13. Summer: Thanks. I'll keep you posted.

    Bel: I've been thinking about that! Let me keep you posted. Of course, you have a standing invitation for some wine and cheese! (I suppose I need some furntiture first - not so in the budget this summer...)

    Thanks Solo. You too!

    GJ: Excellent rationale. Thank you.

    droll: I'm crazy for them too. I'm going to take some more photos and torture you with them.