Sunday, May 3, 2009

That Garden on My Walk Home (Take 2)

You know that garden I love to look at as I walk to the daycare after work? Well, as promised, here's the next batch of (spring) photos.

First Batch: early March
Second Batch (this post): mid April

I'm intrigued that there hasn't been all that much progress from the vantage of my (admitted cell phone) camera.

Up close, there's a lot more green at the base of plants - and the water in the pond/fountain is running faster. But, compared with all the spring-floral gardens that surround it, this one is a little, um, staid.

Never mind. There are many advantages to late blooming, yes? My love for this patch is constant.


  1. Let's have hope and faith that things will get better.


  2. well i sure as hell was a late bloomer/slow starter so i am going to hold out some hope for this little patch.

  3. I've been gardening all day. I mixed vegetables and greens in with ornamentals.

  4. I've been trying to be a better gardener too!

  5. Love to see this one.;D
    It refresh my day.;D
    Thanks for sharing this to us.;D

  6. How i wish,i would have beautiful garden too.;D
    Thanks for the inspirational photos.;D

  7. Spring is such a short, albeit lovely, period. I think there is still hope. It is such a lovely garden.

  8. Seeker: Walked by it recently and, already it's really improving. Must take another batch of photos soon...

    Droll: Let's here it for the late bloomers. They bloom for that much longer!

    D.: Sounds awesome. Send a photo.

    Diana: Have you seen this site - I thought of you immediately: I only wish she'd post more frequently!

    Summer: Thank you. It is a beautiful space...

    Solo: Beautiful garden is one of life's greatest treasures, I think.

    Mardel: Oh yes, there is. In this climate it needs another month to really bloom. I'll show more photos soon...

  9. There are so many great blogs posts about gardening lately, yours included. I guess it's spring.

    There are many advantages of late blooming. Wait and see.

  10. Pictures will wait until the 'taters come in.

  11. Bel: I know. Wait till I tell you about a new site I found - gardens and amazing design galore!

    D.: I can wait.

  12. You can never go wrong with shrubs and greens- they come back, year after year, one thing I miss about being in Cali- things seem to bloom year round "sigh".

  13. GJ: Oh, I know. That is perfect - year round green. But don't you feel that much more thrilled now when spring comes (having lived through miserable cold for a few months?)