Saturday, May 16, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I went out on a serious limb and made my first online purchase, a pair of skinny jeans(?) I have it on good authority that it was a risky venture (and you know that woman knows whereof she speaks).

But I'm all on this "chill and try it out" kick, part of the moving into my 40th year with spontaneity philosophy. (I'm about to turn 39, after all...) And I love expensive denim, though I don't love to pay for it. I love supporting Laws of General Economy. I love supporting good vendors, like Genevieve, who answered my zillions of questions...

So I closed my eyes, bid and - just like that - I won.

Now before I leapt, I took all my measurements (3 times). I asked Genevieve to measure every inch of the jeans (3 times). When the math added up I thought, how bad can this be? - though it did occur that jeans are rather complex garments. I mean, how many times have you tried on every pair in the shop to no avail?

Still, the Radcliffe jeans I won were, at least on paper, the most gorgeous things - great wash, cool ass cuff links affording alterability of the length from long to medium to cropped, lovely pocket detailing, true skinny fit, European pedigree. Eeek!

Well, they just arrived on Thursday. When I opened the package and looked at them, I was optimistic. Indeed, they weren't as stretchy as some other skinny jeans I own (always a plus), but I could tell they were going to fit. Having just eaten the most major of dinners, I opted to wait till the next morning to try them on. And, let me tell you, when I did I was blown away by a) how flattering they are and b) how much I love them.

My husband remarked that they were the best jeans ever, offered to take my picture stat, and suggested that they are inaccurately named skinny. Spray on is a term more apt, in his opinion. Whatever, they were excellent flirt fodder throughout the day and very comfortable despite the snug fit.

What do you think?!?!


  1. They look fabulous on you, darling!


  2. < Billy Crystal doing Ricardo Montalbán > You look Marvelous < /Billy Crystal doing Ricardo Montalbán >

  3. my goodness, you really pulled *that* off. No wonder you were nervous with such a close fit.

  4. What, no ass shot? They look great!

    I don't like paying a lot for my jeans either. But then I remember how often I wear them, so it's worth it.

  5. they are FANTASTIC! and you look smashing in them! and you look so hot in them, that i KNOW these jeans will lead to fun bedroom action if that is what you are looking for! :)

  6. So envious--- I can not pull off "skinny jeans", my thighs are..."a-hem" too big, but you look fabulous.. oh yea, where's the ass shot?

  7. The are fabulous and you look fabulous wearing them. Good choice.

  8. Thanks CC!

    D.: Thank you! I used to love that character...

    Vildy: Oh, it was close but just worked out in the end...

    Fab: OMG - such a great deal. If you read about Laws of General Economy (or go to the link from my blog) you'll find out more about the philosophy, but it's all about giving things you won't wear to a loving home. So I got these, all in, for $40.00 US (49.34 CAD). Which makes them all the more wonderful.

    Raven: Ha! The ones of my ass didn't come out well (they weren't very clear!).

    droll: Isn't that what we're always looking for?! THanks so much. :-)

    Fashion and more: I am brave! Thanks. :-)

    WendyB: Merci beaucoup.

    GJ: You have so many gorgeous assets! And see comment to Raven, above.

    Mardel: Thanks so much xo

  9. FABULOUS!!! ...I love when things work out perfectly.

  10. They look great! I'm impressed. I'm totally scared of them, haven't even tried a pair on.

  11. Fabtastic!

    I like my skinnies to hug all the way to the ankle, but the scrunch is an equally valid choice.

  12. They were made for you!
    And have I missed something, or are you losing weight? You look positively tiny!

  13. Maegan: Shopping kismet is divine!

    Andrea: Wait till your my age. You'll be trying everything :-)

    Thank you Dr. M!

    Skye: Oh, I agree, that's my usual leg style of choice. But I decided to live on the edge this time :-)

    Janet: You know how I love to think that miraculously, without even trying, I have gone down a size (what woman doesn't?) - so I very much appreciate your comment! Alas, I believe I am exactly the same as I have been for 2.5 years (give or take some water weight and a few hard living weekends). I only post the shots that make me look slim, to be entirely honest. I'm vain that way.

  14. WOWZA they look GREAT on you! I'm so glad you won these--they found the perfect home. Makes me happy that you're so happy in them! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!