Sunday, May 10, 2009


You'd think that writing about conflicted parenting would be about as "real" - and scary - as it gets. But stupidly, somehow I'm more nervous to show you the "pre-pergola" shots of the back third of the garden, than to share the story of my maternal miseries. (What? My mother was an interior designer for years!)

Perhaps my priorities are all kinds of wrong, but being the perfectionist I happen to be - the one who thinks she's more worthwhile for faultless design execution - it's rough to share these:

Yes, that is graffiti on our neighbours' garage walls. We didn't fence from the back edge of the garages till a couple of years ago and, prior to that, the taggers dropped by. This is real urban living, I tell you. And the laneway aka den of hideous concrete, is an eyesore, to be sure.

What I'm tremendously optimistic about is that, when I show you the "afters" of this space, you're going to see:
  • a new pergola
  • heightened fence / stabilized gate
  • patio stone
  • landscaping near the garage walls and
  • the beginnings of climbing vines.
Yes, it's taken 9 summers to get here - and y'all didn't even see the horror that describes the backyard before we started taking steps to improve it. But improvements are on the horizon and I'm very excited.


  1. Can't wait to see the pergola. We've been considering a quarter clamshell brick patio and I always hesitate since we're gone for most of the summers!

  2. You have a nice place K=Line,but i think you really need to renovate it.For me,i think you need to put some flowers or a lot of,it's just my suggestion..;D But can't wait to see the pergola..;D Have a great day.;D

  3. Oh,can't wait to see the pergola..=)
    Looking forward on your next post.;D

  4. Nothing to be embarrassed bout K-line, I am just to chicken to show my "before" photos..having said that, I can not WAIT to see what you do with it- will you hire out? I am, I can't garden for anything..

  5. Oh, there's quite a drama with the pergola Miss C - blog post in the making... Note: It's all good in the end and everything is progressing very professionally. I'd say, if it's in the budget, do the hardscaping. Even if you're away often, it's still lovely to come home to.

    Summer: Check out the next post, which shows the landscaping in another part of the garden. Once the pergola and patio go in, there will be flowers put in at the back of the garden also. Wait for photos as it all comes together!

    Thanks Solo.

    GJ: Oh, outsourcing is de rigeur in my life. What it lacks in affordability, it more than makes up for in ensuring that the project actually starts and finishes! :-) Now, I will garden what's already there (till the landscapers shut the garden in the fall), but that's pretty straightforward.