Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long Weekend Living

My daughter went back to school Friday before last, after a week at home with some kind of childhood virus... As it marked the start of the May long weekend, work released me a couple of hours early - facilitating a pre-daycare-pick-up drink with Scott. Alas, the weather was drab, but nonetheless I was really in a mood to relax - so we went to the Park Hyatt Rooftop for an aperitif.

Cool Tonic Imported from India - and delicious edamame.
The Hyatt gives the best free snacks with drinks

No one hates the Chin Crystal more than I do, but here's a cool perspective on it.

If ever you visit TO, this really is a great spot to take in the view - especially on a clear day. I only wish we'd brought the real camera...


  1. You guys certainly maintain a cool, sophisticated urban life, even as parents. I admire that.

  2. Free edamame as a bar snack? I'm moving to Toronto right now.

  3. Are those baby potatoes?
    And, I totally agree with ENC. You two are uber-cool.

  4. Rooftop drinks are always so relaxing.

  5. God forgive me but I have been secretly hoping for a 4 day week in the downturn. So Mr H and I can have one day a week where children are in custody of eductors and we can have daytime drinkies and afternoon delight.

    You and Scott are way cool.

  6. wow ...such fabulous photos...looks awesome

  7. Am always ready for a drink.

    Cannot hate that f&cking crystal any more than I already do....

  8. E: THANK YOU so much for thinking that! I love that someone thinks that! I'm trying to keep the fun in the working / parenting / living scenario. It's getting easier.

    Sal: Seriously, that's the only place I've seen it. Oh, but at the Art Gallery, though they charge you 15 bucks for a glass of wine, they give the best curried/brown sugar fancy nut mix. And they keep it coming!

    Bel: I share my thanks with you too!! Those are not potatoes, there were almonds, edamame and olive mixture. Potatoes would be so cute and tasty, though.

    Wendy: I laughed reading your comment. Of course, glamour NY lady, you know what you're talking about!! I want to go for drinks with you on a rooftop.

    Hammie: I totally hear you. It's so rough finding time together when you're not completely toast after all the responsibilities are over. Keep seeking out the little windows. They're there - you just have to figure out where they're lurking and exploit them. :-)

    Maegan: Why thank you!

    T: The crystal has never looked so good as from that vantage point. We have to go there next time we meet - I mean it's right across from CM!

  9. Oh very chic, having edamame on the roof top over-looking a very chic city..... I don't remember the last time when I properly ate with a knife and fork..