Monday, May 25, 2009

Nicole's Birthday Party

We entertained in the garden for the first time on Saturday. Despite the fact that it's still under construction - and there's no matching furniture - we had a truly excellent time.

You know those bright, early summer afternoons that turn into cool, but languid, evenings? You know beautiful food and good wine and great music (but not outside - I'd never play music in such close proximity to my neighbours! Even if it is the noisy city, I have manners.)...

I'm not the most sit-down and relax kind of person - though I'm working on it. Remember that one of my primary lifestyle goals for the coming decade is spontaneous, relaxed, relaxing, joyful entertaining.

Well, allow me to push the point home with the following 8000 mellow photos of people and a place you don't know! :-) C'mon, it's just like being there...

Getting Ready...

My new salad tongs, some glasses for Prosecco, apples for the crumble

Just out of the oven...

I'm having this love on for irises lately...

Hanging outside (We're calling it the Cottage)

Some of these chives ended up in the tomato salad...

The Vibe:

This shot is so ridiculous but it captures my mood.

We started eating at 7:00! (After afternoon cheesecake and prosecco outside)

The Food:

The combination of the vanilla in the crumble (easy to make)
and the vanilla in the ice cream is spectacular.


  1. hi there.. nice post.. thanks for sharing!

    JAYtography: An Online Travelogue

  2. You my dear, know how to throw a P-A-R-T-Y! The food alone looks fabulous, and you... look like you are having a fun time!!!

    Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl- send her my best = )

  3. Everything looks beautiful: the people, the setting, the food, the lighting, the decor, EVERYTHING.

  4. Good choice of flower-love ;-) And I pretty much want to dive into that last photo and eat that crumble and ice cream. And then have seconds.

  5. 'O K-line, ever the entertainer! Everything looks yummy.

  6. I adore crumble! and the rest of the food looks good too!

  7. Yummy, yummy and such the most considerate perfect neighbour re music. The event looks lovely and I operate on the principle the guests can be relaxed allowing me to be the hostess with the mostess and keeping control on the proceedings!

  8. mmm, i love prosecco. everything looks so yummy!

  9. Looks fabulous! Lovely setting, happy people, delicious food. Perfect.

  10. Amazing! You have cute friends, too.

  11. The food looks so yummy! And I love irises.

  12. it looks perfect!!! delicious food, good times, and FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. You are so mental! I love these pictures, please come over and show me how you make everything look so fabulous?!

    Am available for a visit at any time, now.


  14. Mmmmm.. Yum Yum! I would like to have a recipe of the dishes you cooked. My husband's birthday is coming up and I want to cook instead of having it catered. I don't normally cook(I suck in the kitchen) so he'll totally appreciate the gesture.

  15. What a lovely night. The food, the vibe, and the dessert.

    I do love the chive photo.

  16. Fashion: It was awesomely yummy, if I do say so myself :-)

    Thanks EnJay...

    GJ: Thank you. I'll be reminding everyone about my actual birthday in the week ahead - want to max it for all it's worth!!

    E: Thank you so much! It was nice to actually enjoy things rather than running, which seems to be my job all to often!

    Iris: Of course, they are the best! And the crumble, well, it's easy to eat the entire thing if you're not careful!

  17. E8: I love that - I want that on my gravestone!

    WendyB: And there I was thinking you ignored the invitation :-)

    Monkey: It was delish - like all your fun dinners!

    Fab: Truly, all food is a prelude to dessert for me :-)

    Kate: Well of course, I like control! But I'm aiming for a bit more laid back control :-)

    Thanks Pink Bow!

    Mardel: If we had your pool and view, can you imagine! :-)

    Shannon: Thank you!

    Rebecca: They are my faves this week!

    droll: It was totally fun. Like the opposite of Monday morning!

  18. Tanya: Oh, now you're back from your latest glamour travels! Will email - but next 2 weeks or so are a write off re: renos and garden planning.

    Cris: Email me and I'd be happy to give you info!

    Bel: The chive one is my fave!
    (If I were a herb, I'd be a chive :-))

  19. Looks like a wonderful party and the food looks delicious! So yummy!

  20. What do your guests do while you run around taking photographs of the food??

  21. F: It truly was a great time!

    H: They help us to style the shoot!! :-)

    ~h - Don't mean to brag, but I do dessert well :-)