Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flora and Fauna

My husband took these photos after a rainstorm. This garden is intoxicating to me...


  1. Wonderful - I love nature after rainstorms.

  2. Oh those are fabulous photos. I love the picture of the ferns, watching them stick up their little heads before they unfurl is one of my favorite spring moments.

  3. Beautiful photos! The leaves are my favorite!


  4. Beautiful pictures! Your husband has a good eye.

  5. I have an affection for snails.


  6. What a great eye your husband has -- great pics! Love that snail shot, espeically -- the rich browns, the play of stripes, the whimsy of the little guy himself . . .

  7. So the snow in Toronto melted this early in the year? Color me shocked. ;0)

  8. What's your pet snail's name?

  9. i love these, i agree with cc - the leaves are my favourite

  10. i think the maple leaves (LORD, i hope i am identifying that correctly!) with drops are just gorgeous. as is your yard. as are these photographs. yay!!! love them!

  11. I can feel the moisture and smell the green and the wood just by looking deeply into these beautiful shots. I really love 3,4 and the last shot. The stripes of the shell and the wood chips are graphically organic.
    Also, I love the three different layers of images in the yet to sprout fern photo.

  12. Thanks Nadine. So nice to see you again!

    Mardel: That one's my fave too!

    Thanks CC. I took those for Sal, who says she loves Japanese Maples.

    F: He really does!

    D. Isn't he the cutest snail ever??

    materfamilias: My husband really understands what photo he wants to take. It's quite a skill. The snail shot is so intricate. I love it.

    Dr. M: I know. It's a miracle :-)

    Wendy: I prefer not to label him :-)

    Thanks Pink Bow!

    droll: You are totally correct. Japanese maple to be exact. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    Janet: Merci!

    Thanks Bel. You see, you know so much about composition. You've got to show us some more of your great photos.

  13. So lucky for you to have fiddleheads! Sauteed with garlic and parsley, they are wonderful. Why must I always think of food?!!
    The pictures are gorgeous!

  14. Tartelette - I always think of food first too!

    E: Thanks, I think he's really doing some fine work.