Thursday, May 21, 2009

Has It Really Come to This?

So, if my biggest problem in life is that I so want to look hot in shoes but for my mental health I need to walk 5 miles daily (or something gives), then you can cry for me and we'll leave it at that.

Thing is, when something gives, it can't be my arches - ok? Which is where these come in:
Admittedly, they look more pedestrian here (ha!) than they do on my feet - which they fit perfectly. The leather is super soft and the sole flexible and the strap easy-on/easy-off and when it's 35 celsius in about 2 months and my feet grow a size while walking, I'm going to be so glad I got these instead of the sexy, chic ecru heels that look kind of architectural and go with everything in my entire wardrobe.

But right now I feel kind of like a sell out.

PS: Imagine them with short shorts and short skirts.

PPS: If you can find some way to make me feel like these are actually hip and happening, I will send you a gift.


  1. I sympathize with the sentiments, although these are cute sandals. I'm currently packing (carry-on only, can't stand checking and the attendant possible loss) for 3 weeks away, which includes two conference presentations but also a week each visiting London and Paris. We tend to walk 20K daily when city-holidaying and I know my Birks are the only things that can keep me happy through that. Also packed some cute flats, ballet-ish, but cute flats will never be the same as a sexy heel. I did slip my red Fluevog 2 1/2-inch sandals in there, though, for a wee bit of va-va-voom

  2. How shall I put guess I won't be getting a gift from you

  3. My new platform wedges hurt my feet from walking only a few measly blocks earlier. Does that help?

  4. Your feet will thank you. They will!

  5. Look, nothing is hip and happening until someone we (are supposed to)
    envy is spotted with it on. They're very nice, though, and perhaps you could trade hip and happening for self-possessed? An air of confidence trumps everything.

  6. i hear you on this! no stilts or heels for me usually. i have baby feet that are sad and unhappy almost always. so i stick with flats and wedges if i can.

    i also like cydwoq sandals. not sure if they would work for you -- they are a little on the funky side, but some are less funky than others. they are so comfortable and i get lots of compliments on them , too!

  7. I want a gift! I think they're totally hip, a refreshing antidote to the stupid Fierce Heels that just make feet look like big clodhoppers and bring to mind the horror of Rumi and her ilk.

    These sandals are summery and girlish with just enough heel to elongate your calf muscles. They are an excellent showcase for beautifully painted toenails.

    I rest my case.

  8. I saw Lulu Guiness photographed in those.... or maybe I didn't. Either way it is not chic and fabulous to be in pain. If you wore non comfortable shoes you would have your face all scrunched up in pain and your posture would be bad and you would be limping and that would not be pretty. Now you can walk like a run way model only you will be pain free. Pain is not hip and fabulous.

  9. I think you have the answer.

    If the question was

    "what would Jesus buy?"


    (Try FitFlops K. Much cuter and very good for the hips and thighs)

  10. These have that ethnic, global-chic thing happening. But I'm not a reliable source - I'd probably wear these with socks.

    I often find myself with the same conundrum - I walk a lot (often with baby attached) and thus need sensible shoes, but I abhor trainers. Plus I have feet that go above and beyond normal women's sizes. What do you do in winter?

  11. Well you've seen my adventures with shoes from the Nana stores before, and I managed to make them feel hip enough to wear in public. Still, that was stretch. But I am afraid my dear that even I, with my infinite style optimism, am at a loss on these ones.
    At least your bunion free feet will be smiling at you when ours have us crippled, hitting people with our sticks.

  12. Let me start by saying I LOVE all of your comments. You all deserve a gift (except for Wendy! :-)) but I'm going to have to go with Sister on this one. Send me your address, Sister, and we'll take it from there.

    I must say I love your honesty, everyone. Hammie gets special mention for the most hilarious comment.

    mater: First, I am so jealous of you I can't stand it. Second, I hear you on the shoe dilemma. May the walking goddess be with you. Spend a lot of time taking the edge off at cafes and bars :-)

    Wendy: You always make me smile!

    Raven: All I could think when I read this was "I wonder what her gorgeous shoes look like". So it may have made the problem worse :-)

    Sal: Thank you, Ms. Sassy Shoe Queen :-)

    Vildy: Thank you for this extremely smart way of looking at it. This is why I want to send everyone a gift!

    droll: I haven't heard of those and I'm going to look them up. Thanks.

    Sister: What can I say. When you can use these shoes to compare me favourably to Rumi, well, it's award winning!

    Bel: Damn. I believed you there for a second!!

    Hammie: I laughed for 5 minutes when I read it. I still think it's hilarious. Why aren't you a stand up comic? PS I can't wear those thong toes (the bit between the large and second toes). It gets all hurty for me. So that whole genre of footwear is out!

    Iris: I love your comment. And I can't wait to read through your blog at more length. I promise that I won't wear them with socks. The whole, walking with baby scenario while looking stylish is a tough one. I know.

    SKM: I hear you honey. I only hope that my cute styling can save them!

  13. You know what when you've walked 5 miles and your feet aren't hurting plus you feel ok they'll take on a different vibe. Short skirt would look good with brightly painted nails.

    If you can buy them in a tan colour even better - don't worry!! Eat twiglets!

  14. I think they are kind of cute too, for summer and walking especially. They are better looking than a lot of "comfort sandals" and if you feel good walking that is important. I think they would work with the right outfit, although I understand about the sexy shoe versus the comfortable one. If I lived in a city where I could walk (and I would walk a lot if I did) I would be definitely looking at more shoes that were both good for walking and still somewhat workable.

  15. Kate: Sound advice. Believe it or not, I wore these and - stupidly - walked 10 miles in them first time out. Fucker's gave me booboos!? Is that outrageous. Admittedly, I was pushing it. Now I have my summer blister kit all set up. That won't be happening again!

    Sister: You do RULE. But you gotta send me your email address.

    Mardel: See fiasco above!

  16. I have this same dilemma. I wore a pair of Prada platform sandals for about 10 years until they literally fell apart. They were that rare combination of stylish and super-comfortable. Seriously; I walked 20 miles in them one time.
    Now I've got nothing comparable and everything that looks good hurts.

  17. I completely understand your pain! You've got to love those miracle pairs of shoes (and run back to find more of them, even if they cost a living fortune and you can scarcely justify having bought the first pair!) Thing is, it often takes almost a season to figure out how much you love those shoes and, by then, it's too late to get more.