Saturday, May 9, 2009

Illegally Unfashionable

Look, I hate the saggy pants trend as much as the next girl, but seriously - tax dollars have been spent on this...


  1. I don't like builders crack more than the next person, but there are so many crimes of fashion that you'd have to outlaw it's impossible to legislate and hold up the law!

    Are they going to put out a special "fashion police" unit?

  2. That is hysterical!! I can't believe they passed a law legislating fashion! Smells unconstitutional to me :)


    P.S. You should TOTally do the 8 things tag, K.Line!

  3. I don't see the problem, on hot young guys the saggy pant is SEXY!!!!

  4. I could not be happier that the idiots in my state legislature did that, he said as he rolled his eyes.

  5. People have been trying to regulate fashion since ancient times and it is still a damn waste of time! Sheesh.

  6. This is not only funny but seriously SAD! Idiots..

  7. Imogen: Excellent question! :-)

    CC: It really is hilarious. And I may just do that tag. It's a fun one.

    Mattie: Yes, hot guys can just about pull it off (no pun intended) but goofy college students should probably steer clear.

    Dr. M: I knew you'd have something to say about this!

    Wendy: C'mon, you don't go in for making bad pants illegal? I'm shocked. :-)

    GJ: It is totally idiotic.