Friday, May 15, 2009


Have you heard about this? I mean, it's not like I hang in fancy NY stores on a weekly basis, but isn't Henri Bendel kind of above the recession? How can they revisit an iconic brand so wholesale!? Removing the clothing?? I'm not down with it.

And you?


  1. I've hardly ever seen anyone buying any clothes there. I bought a jacket last year and it was the first thing I'd gotten from them in about 10 years. Still...sad.

  2. Can I just take a minute to tell you that I now want that charm bracelet? I must go back and see how much it costs.

  3. First time I eard about....

    Have a great weekend, dear


  4. If I recall, HB has had trouble for a number of years. When I worked in the city, HB shut down some? all? of its "mall" outposts and I could swear that they made their interior space smaller. I bought a Tocca dress there when they were originally designed by Marie-Anne, but truly, liked the idea of HB much more than the reality. Wasn't Garren located there?

  5. What true dept stores are thriving now? I wonder if Rodeo is taking a hit-

  6. Rather than doing away with their Fashion Departments completely, I think they should have taken a look at other brands and gone in with ranges that had a slightly lower price point than a 400 dollar shirt, 200 maybe?

  7. Ha Ha, I knew when I read this last night that La Belle would want the charm bracelet! How we know our fellow bloggers.

    I must admit I get giddy seeing the designer markdowns in Harvey Nicks mid season. Gives me something akin to the bends. Not that I ever bought at full price, but you don't want then to go out of business.

    Henri Bendel might have the right idea. Conspicuous consumption looks vulgar at the moment. Whereas no one knows or cares what you spent on the Creme de la mer you put on you face in the bathroom, wearing or carrying an "it" bag looks very crass.

    They might be being smart (and discreet) about surviving.


  8. Wendy: I've never bought there, but I've gone twice with my mother and I love the architecture so much. Such a gorgeous space...

    Bel: Ha! (Hammie had your number - see below). Keep us posted.

    Thanks Seeker.

    Miss C: Fascinating info. I didn't know they had mall outposts. Not so exclusive! :-) I bet that Tocca dress is awesome... Maybe Wendy can weigh in on the downsizing of the interior space. I don't have enough exposure to know.

    GJ: It's so true. I wonder also about Rodeo Drive. Maybe Bel can tell us (she lives in Cali).

    Fab: That's what I think too! Maybe they considered and rejected that idea?

    Hammie: Great comment. I know that sale drug trip of which you speak. I get that at Holt's sometimes. Though even at half price stuff there is practically unaffordable. Maybe it is a smart move and a sign of the times, but still kind of sad...

  9. But wait, I haven't even been there! No fair. Grr.

  10. I was sad to read this too. Although the last piece of Bendel's clothing I bought was at least 12 years ago...

  11. Sister: Overspend averted!

    Janet: That seems to be a popular sentiment...

  12. there's an HB where i live it's all bags and little accessories and such. it's like i almost want to like their stuff, but they have the big logos on it and makes so gaudy.

  13. Ah, the logo. Can't say I appreciate that. Unless it's Chanel!