Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Not All Bad (Early in the Season)

After the horror of yesterday's post, don't want you to forget about last year's backyard improvements...

The (rather unflatteringly staked) tree in the foreground is the new honey locust. It is rather tall, though the diameter at the moment is humorously slight. Will bloom in about a month and then I'll show photos.

This is my Japanese Maple, just getting ready to bloom...

My husband took most of these photos, specifically the artful plant close ups.
Isn't this shot of the flowering almond beyond beautiful???

And the perfectionist in me must remind you that these photos were taken in the first weekend of May - not quite bloom time in TO. Please stay tuned for some more photos as the season progresses and things lush out...


  1. Do take some more photos of the Japanese maple for me. We tried SO HARD to keep one alive in our yard and failed miserably. They're my all-time favorite tree.

  2. oh to have a backyard! These photos are gorgeous!!!

    {I always love your insightful mind! Thank you for your comment :)}

  3. Lookin' good! I like that deck a lot. We have a bunch of new trees in our yard too and they all look kind of pitiful. I'm being very impatient about them - I want them to be tall and beautiful now!

  4. ooooooooooooooh! these images are so gorgeous, especially the flowering almond! i am crazy for beautiful plants and flowers and trees and shrubs and such, and hope to have something this fab someday!

  5. My mom would love to be in your garden. She loves plants so much, it's hard to describe. We have such a "jungle" home because of her passion which my dad also shares with her :)

  6. The flowering almond is glorious and I love all the bright bits in the yard. The honey locust will thicken with time. Mine started out like long lanky teenagers and then filled out as they got older.

    Really for the first weekend of May those are glorious, and the waiting is hardest just before full bloom, when anticipation is overflowing.

  7. I LOVE town-houses, there is so much you can do, and not long but it will look like an Oasis soon-

  8. Sal: It's my dream tree. I will def. take more photos.

    Thanks Seeker!

    Maegan: I've been there - so I feel all advice-y :-) And I am really loving the garden. It took years to get to this point in my life and I'm so grateful to have a green space in which to ponder. Of course, California is so endlessly beautiful, you can check out so many natural wonders down the block!

    Right Bank: Thanks so much! And I hear you about the mini-trees. Mine all look like shrubs :-) I'm just trying to cultivate that zen thing.

    Droll: What a fabulous compliment. Thank you so much for appreciating the photos. I am really loving the space - which hasn't come easily, to be honest...

    F: Growing up with gardener parents is a great gift! I'm sure you have learned so much just by being around all the beauty. Thanks so much, F.

    Solo: Thanks. It's my fave.

    Mardel: Thank you for your perspective. I love how you've related the honey locust to a teenager. Fabulous analogy!

    GJ: Thanks! What's good is that the urban outdoor spaces tend to be very compact - so the maintenance is lower (though still pretty high!) and it's more of a private zone than a suburban or country garden.