Thursday, May 28, 2009


Love this or hate it, you're going to have some opinion...

See, for at least 5 years, I've been talking about getting one of those shifty, back-of-magazine "make your own T shirt" companies to stencil a specific slogan T for me. Sensibly, I've been repeatedly cowed by the whole shifty ad at the back of a magazine angle. Not so reputable-seeming, yes? But I thought that was my only recourse.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered, on walking down Queen Street the other day, that there are actual stores that do this! Like retail. Am I sheltered or is this news to you too? I truly thought those closed down in the late 70s!

Needless to say I rushed on in there. And behold my handiwork:

I'm sure you know that I came up with this slogan myself, that I haven't been scarfing those pro-chattel, patriarchy pills you may also order in bulk from the back of the mags. One of my friends suggested that I missed the boat and, given my frame, might have been more on the mark stenciling "Scottie's Girls" across the centre of the shirt. Seriously, I'm half inclined :-)

But, man, it gets me some action with my husband...


  1. Your friend is too funny! I'd add a "z" instead of an "s" though, because you are edgy and cool. ;-)

  2. Yeah my daughter gets these done for her holidays abroad, we have a local sports shop that does the printing, but hers usually say "Zante 08" or "Tenerife 08" and then they wear them to travel in, I think it is in the "in thing" with teenagers at the moment.

  3. Oh so fun! I can never make up my mind on what I would like to slogan myself as...

  4. i did this also a couple of years ago, although to my shame i got a henry holland knock-off slogan agh!

  5. oh the man has TO LOVE THIS! well done. well done!!!!

  6. My BFF got me a red t-shirt with CUNT in black letters, and I wear it every Christmas. Nothing like having a t-shirt that says You!

  7. Can they do you the matching knickers too? I like the "Scottie's Girls" suggestion too.

    I got one made for our second wedding anniversary (cotton) for my husband. It just says 26.02.05 which is our wedding date - he wears it all the time!

  8. Sal and Maegan: Merci beaucoup! I was wondering how my first couple of comments would go :-)

    Miss C: Of course, I could do a "z"!

    Fab: So there you go. That's an adorable idea.

    Raven: I suspected as much.

    Rebecca: The great thing is that they aren't pricey. You can do one whenever you think of something!

    Pink: Please, it was great in that moment - now maybe you need a new one to suit the new moment. See comment above. It's all very reasonably priced so slogan away!!

    droll: Thank you for acknowledging my evil genius.

    Sister: HILARIOUS! BTW, you have to send me your address, ok? Send to kristinm100atyahoodotca.

    Skye: What a great idea :-) You can get undies done up. I considered that - but I had my heart set on a t this time.

  9. Merci, Songy! So nice to see you here. Hope work is calming down...

  10. i like it. with a name like scottie, people will know it was made by you. i definitly prefer this to a "mrs. Timberlake" shirt,annnyday of the week