Thursday, April 30, 2009

3 Photos, 2 Gorgeous Things

No. 857 on my list of fantastic things I get to look at practically daily, while walking to work:

As you know, I live (more or less) downtown and walk through industrial spots and urban neighbourhoods alike. It's not unusual to see beauty and squalor literally abutting one another. Those flowers, for example, were a small patch in a bed of weeds.


  1. Tulips are such a hopeful flower, don't you think?

  2. The tulips are beautiful. I love little found spots where beauty takes hold. Even though I live in the country I love cities and walking in them for just that combination of squalor/beauty and industrial/human interractions.

  3. Love those doors and flowers.

    I have a collection of photos of street lamps from my travels.

  4. love love love that brick and door!!! and, of course, the flowers are gorgeous, too.

  5. Oh i love those flowers..;D
    Hope to see more of this gorgeous pics..;D

  6. Gorgeous photos..=)

  7. Flowers always touch us with their beauty and what gorgeous door.


  8. This is such a great idea for a post. I love seeing what you see. The flowers are so beautiful.

  9. Sal: They are cheer plantified, IMO!

    Mardel: It has its pluses - you never take pure beauty for granted in an urban centre...

    Imogen: That sounds gorgeous. Blow them up and frame them!

    Droll: The door is so impressive. It's attached to a church.

    Summer and Solo and Seeker: Thanks!

    Bel: It's a fun thing to do. I'm always observing and I love having a camera now so that I can show others what I'm paying attention to.