Monday, April 6, 2009

Making Space

I'm slowly but surely making my way through the overgrown garden that is my closet - closets, whatever - to restore order (or at least a couple of empty hangers).

Here are the latest offerings...

For La Belette Rouge, who suggested that I offer up accessories:

And, a fitted, cap-sleeve, adorable T dress:

More photos are on the site, so please check it out if either of these is of interest.

(PS All of this is making me want to do some shopping.)


  1. sell and then buy...btw, HELLO! ...'thinking of Cashmere' isn't the first thing that springs 2 mind!

  2. I love that new photo of you. You look like a brilliant, gorgeous and glamorous woman( as you are).

    Thanks for adding accessories to your inventory!:-)

  3. Love your new pic..;D
    Yo are so pretty girl..;D
    Love your post.

  4. I think that is just one of the fabulous accessories..;D
    And i also love the black dress.=)

  5. Mattie: Fair enough - have changed the tag line...

    Thanks Bel!

    Thanks Summer!

    Thanks Solo!

    ~h: I can see you are on a closet clean out also. You're doing very well with the bids! Loved that jacket. Not my size regrettably, or maybe that's good because it's another thing I don't have to buy :-)