Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Like Going to France...

Or Quebec.

Y'all have access to Liberté "Méditerranée" brand of "High-Milkfat, Probiotic, Ultra-Rich Dessert" yogurt? I swear to God it is the most awesomely delicious stuff I've had since 1984 when I went to Germany (briefly) and, in some tiny village, got yogurt in mini, glass containers with foil tops. And it had cream on the top. Like this stuff does - albeit packed in plastic.

Apparently, by blending methods, the company has managed to eke out 8% milk fat. That's elegant, people. It sticks to the spoon.

I happen to like my yogurt super-high-fat but not sweet, so I mix a couple of tablespoons of the
Liberté Dulce de Leche flavour with some Astro plain (the full fat kind) and it is so delicious. FYI, the Liberté is not at all sweet by modern North American yogurt standards...

It's good for your tummy and it makes you feel all calm and happy.

And right now it's taking all my willpower not to eat the entire container!


  1. I'm a yoghurt fan too. I wish we had something like that here. At present I make all my own so I can determine how sweet or high in fat I want it to be. It really does work wonders for the old stomach.

  2. Yum. I had the best yogurt of my life in Germany too. And the best ice cream in existence is in Denmark, I swear, forget Italian gelatto!

  3. I love this -- the blackberry and the lemon flavours especially. And now Liberté does a plain goat yogurt which is delicious as well, although very different from the Méditerranée. Feel a bit guilty, 'cause I generally try to aim at a 100-mile approach for the basic produce/dairy stuff at least and shipping yogurt from Québec to BC, not so 100-mile . . . , but it's just sooooo good

  4. I love yoghurt with cream on top - there are a few fabulous brands here which satisfy my desires.

    SKM - look out for Mungalli Creek yoghurts, they are stocked in some supermarkets now - they usually have the cream on top. So good!

  5. Oh I love yoghurt!!! I wonder if ours are like the ones you're talking....

    Have a nice weekend


  6. so with you on the full fat yoghurt. It is yoghurt for gawds sake, it is inherently good for you so why would you want it runny and fat free?
    I like Jalna, so thick you can turn the pot upside down and it won't spill.

  7. SKM: That's extremely impressive! I used to know a girl (Robyn Taylor) when I was growing up, whose mother made homemade yogurt. I'd trade my crap processed cake for it. (My mother knew about this trade and specifically bought the crap food Robyn liked).

    Mattie: Yup.

    droll: It really is. You should be able to find in Cali, non?

    Stacey: Thank you for corroborating my opinion of the German yogurt - I still salivate over it 25 years later.

    materf: I didn't know about the goat yogurt. I will have to try to find that. And I haven't seen the blackberry either. Will def be looking.

    Skye: Hello! Thanks for your feedback to SKM.

    Seeker: I bet the yogurt in the Azores is fantastic!

    Hammie: I so do not get that fat free gelatine grossness fake sugar crap. It's poison.

  8. Me too K-line, I get the full fat yogurt here but also the non-fat is so nice and creamy- I especially love calpis- a yogurt soda- I'll have to send this to you but I think you'll love it = )

    It sounds like "cow piss" lol

  9. Full fat yogurt is the only way to go! Unfortunately, the only kind around here is YoBaby, since everyone knows only babies like tasty yogurt.

  10. GJ: I don't know if I could get into yogurt soda! Of course, I'd try anything once :-)

    Janet: I love that YoBaby stuff. You are so right about the babies getting all the good yogurt. They're the only ones who haven't been poisoned against fat!