Sunday, April 26, 2009

Crowd Mentality

A few things I've learned from my fashion experiences of late (don't you hate generalizers?):
  • Fashion people eat a little, drink a lot
  • They wear insane shoes - like, those shoes you think are only in magazines
  • They are often extremely young and sporting the blush of youth
  • Or they are rather of a certain age, and looking damn fine due to lifestyle and, ahem, treatments
  • The models are tremendously, otherworldy tall and strangely long-of-torso
J and I enjoyed a moment of commonality when we discovered that we both look amusedly at young 'uns, bitchily chalking up 90% of dewy glow to youth alone. And, likewise, when we see a sexy, yet elegant Lady over 50, we wonder - nay verily hope and pray - that maybe we'll age like that.

The Holt's / FASHION event was entirely, 100%, almost trashily promotional. Not that I'm complaining; the booze was plentiful (though you had to line up like cattle) and it was good. The catered goodies fell into the "savoury finger food" category and the "hipster candy" category.

Maybe it's just me - and I imagine, Marinka - but my hypochondria does not permit me to touch food en masse like this.

For its questionable cow tow to the tony class, Holt's is a beautiful store, worthy of rich people with money to burn and fashion risks to take. This gorgeous, well-displayed Robert Rodriguez skirt, I can't resist:

There was an interesting scheme to part us from our money. It involved Shu Uemura paste-on eyelashes and a truly remarkable eyelash curler. The next thing I knew, I was shooting video of J's makeover and J was having a makeover - which involved fake eyelashes that look awesome (and strangely real).

But that means she was gifted 3 secret pressies!!, one of which she kindly gave to me!!

Here's how that works: You look, you're loved up by great SA's, you buy, you don't look at the bill too closely except to hand it to the ladies at the Lollipop Wall:

You pick a number (on the lollipop) and then you're handed one of these, that shares the number:

Not bad, huh? I got a rather youthful See by Chloe bracelet. It is hot pink plastic hearts with a couple of charms. M's going to love it.

Finalement, here's a shot of the two of us goofing around:

What? There'd been a lot of booze at this point...


  1. that skirt would be a fabulous addition to anyone's wardrobe...if only I didn't spend my paycheck in one day.

  2. It sounds like a totally fun night! I think we are of like minds on a lot of things. I haven't been to Toronto in ages but I remember being impressed by Holt Renfrew. I'm a total germaphobe - not on the level of Monk but close. I'm also a huge Robert Rodriguez fan - very wearable stuff - and love that skirt! And the Shu Uemura eyelash curler is one of those things I could not live without. I actually stockpile them so there's always a replacement around(!)

  3. So Jealous!

    but i am Happy that you are happy - and look it.

  4. I love Robert Rodriguez, everything always looks amazing and feminine... Love his clothe they are always well made.

    As for the event it looks like lots of fun :)

  5. You're so fabulous! I would totally have eaten the licorice...not really a germophobe.

  6. Love that shiny skirt.And both of you looks great..;D
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. Fun, fun, fun.. I am pink with envy!!!! You know you are fabulous honey!!!

  8. Sound like a fun party.

    So true about the models - yet somehow we think we can look like them? They're genetic freaks!

  9. Looks yummy..And that skirt.Love it,gorgeous.=)

  10. Oh, Monique, I hear you!

    Right Bank: And we both love interiors! (Only you are slightly more expert :-))

    Hammie: I want you to come visit me and it will be all about having fun with you in the big city - buying lingerie, eating great food, enjoying the night life. Get on over here!

    Marta: I know, I love him! I have a pair of pants from the line that I got at TNT warehouse when it was at Hazelton Lanes (did you ever go there? Best bargains on designer ever...)

    Stacey: Well we know your love of sweets trumps any silly fear of germs! Good for you. I have to take a page from that book.

    Summer: Thanks from both of us.

    GJ: That's hilarious! I'm going to steal it. And, I have finally got the care package together (just little but something fun for you and your friend). Now I just have to get around to mailing it. Please stand by.

    Imogen: To a one, they all are as long from the upper ribs to the pelvis as I am from head to ass! Craziness :-)

    Thanks Solo!

  11. Oh man, I wish I could've been a mouse in your pocket for this!

  12. What a fun event! Love all your photos. Totally want that skirt! Now I want to see the video you shot!

  13. I think that the booze helps the fashion people stand their insane shoes.

    Gorgeous skirt. LOVE.

  14. Oh sounds you have a lot of fun, and what a gorgeous skirt, and not least M got a gift :)

    Thank you so much my dear for your tips about yoga. I'm going to check the site but there must be a great solution. Thank you again.
    If I would need something, you know.... I'll annoy you :X


  15. I love this. :)

    ..also know that I am STILL dreaming about that amazing cropped leather jacket from posts below.'s SO GOOD!

  16. Sal: I think it would be more fun to just come as a guest :-)

    Sonja: I have to figure out how to edit video before I post. One life skill at a time! But thanks for encouraging me...

    Seeker: Just keep me posted Kxo

    Maegan: The jacket was 12x better in real life than in that photo. I wanted to rip it off her toned torso!