Friday, April 24, 2009

Rich and Ritchier

On Tuesday evening, my friend Jeannette and I - and about 1000 other chic but shameless TO women - went to a FASHION magazine event at Holt Renfrew. Nicole Ritchie, as it happens, was debuting her House of Harlow line in Canada, hence the media melee in the Contemporary design section on the third floor.

Let me start by saying that I have less than no interest in Ms. Ritchie. Anyone who could stomach being Paris Hilton's sidekick (on TV, no less) is not someone who's earned my fan base. And her jewels, if you can call them that, are pure cheap. Honestly, I don't believe she expects to sell that stuff in this economy.

But she was quite lovely and tremendously composed (if the slightest bit grimy-seeming) holding court:

Note: Her officious security team was absurd about keeping people behind the ropes. One guy - you know the kind with the wire in his ear - was positively menacing as I ignored his rude edict to "step back, Ma'am. Step away from Nicole.") I mean, seriously, it was a room full of tipsy shoppers, sluggish on mini-burgers and candy. What exactly did he think I was gonna do with my camera phone? The woman was there on a photo op!

Nonetheless, a party with a zillion attractive, fantastically dressed, industry people and trophy wives make for an interesting crowd:

This woman was impeccable from head to toe

Here are the toes...

This woman wasn't thrilled by my asking to take her photo.
To the extent that you can see it, she's got awesome shoes, a great bag with a skull on it and, Enc, if you're reading, she's wearing a J-suit

The woman who owns this foot was sweet to tell me her shoe is Fendi.
Um, don't I read Imelda??

Furthermore, Jeannette and I were accosted by the really sexy photog (maybe that's a slight exaggeration):

Get it? I'm being photographed while photographing - oooh, postmodern

Sexy Photog was hilarious, Jeannette an adorable audience

Please stay tuned for tomorrow's post which highlights a) the free drinks b) the food c) the fashion and d) the giveaways.


  1. Sounds like a blast! Thanks for sharing your fun photos from the event, lady.

  2. Jeannette is nearly as cute as you are.

  3. I agree with Sal, sounds great and that you've enjoyed it at the most. :)


  4. Geez, you'd think a person would be flattered that someone wants to take their picture.


    less than no interest . ..HILARIOUS!

    GRIMY??!?!?!? ...lolololol!

    "tipsy shoppers, sluggish on mini-burgers and candy" {!!!!!!!}

    And how am I ever gonna get my hands on that leather jacket!??!?! Um, that's on my to-do list as of NOW.

    Happy Weekend!

  6. I can feel a slap coming across the security dude.. I mean.. seriously what can happen... Nicole getting woofed away by one woman's perfume.. stabbed by a heel?

  7. So fun! Loving all the shoe pics too!


  8. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  9. Damn it you should have thrown twiglets at her!! Sorry wrong and a waste I know!

  10. I nearly spat coffee all over screen when I read "I mean, seriously, it was a room full of tipsy shoppers, sluggish on mini-burgers and candy"

  11. seriously glam and great photos of the photog, what kind of phone do you have again?

  12. you were in the THICK OF IT!!! how fun for you! and you are so funny, too. ahhahahaha. i cannot quite picture you assaulting nicole ritchie. i think she was safe in that crowd.

    and that head-to-toe lady's outfit is just killer.

  13. Sal: It was! Thanks for enjoying the post...

    Dr. M: You and your wandering eye! :-)

    Seeker: It was fun in a surreal way...

    Raven: I know! One person asked me and I was soooo excited I think I scared her away!

    Maegan: So glad you liked it!

    GJ: Stabbed by a heel! Damn, I should have thought of that one...

    CC: THanks. I didn't realize till afterwards that I was obsessed with the shoes...

    Hapi: Thanks for stopping by. See you soon.

    Kate: NEVER! Twiglets are nature's perfect snack. Managed to eat them over 2 days, fyi. Like a miracle :-)

    Mattie: Awwww, thank you...

    WendyB: It was. I felt a bit like you at a swish affair!

    Hey Hammie: Sony Ericsson - can't find any numbers on it to let you know the model.

    droll: She was the best looking thing ever. So chic it hurt.