Thursday, April 2, 2009


My baby - who turns 9 today?! - just asked me if I've ever heard of a bad kind of crime called "store-lifting".

That's pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

Happy birthday, M!

M at age 7

M at age 8 (she really liked that sweater!)


  1. Happy Birthday, M! My O likes those Uggs too . . .

  2. Happy B'day M and if you need to learn more about 'store-lifting', then come talk to your Aunty Imelda...those little fingers are perfect for cosmetic's and FMC's.

  3. What a darling! Happy Birthday M!


  4. Well done, K-Line, on raising a little delinquent! I hope she shows Alexander all her tricks.

    Kisses to her from us!

  5. Happy happy birthday! She's super cute!

  6. Happy Birthday! My son turned 7 on Monday, I can't believe how big and mature my baby is getting!

  7. This is an important day for you too, K. Tell your little darling her birth story - start to finish. Kids dig it.

  8. Happy b'day to the little cutie and her cutie mom

  9. Seriously, M could not be any cuter!?!?!?!?!? Happy Birthday to your lovely little you ;)

  10. Thank you everyone - from me and from M - for your lovely birthday wishes!

    Miss C: The Uggs recently died and it was very painful for all concerned.

    Auntie Imelda: We know you have some good tricks up your sleeve.

    Imogen: The time goes fast - except when it doesn't :-)

    Tessa: I have told her but the story was actually fairly traumatic for everyone so I've had to tone it down a little. This day, while very happy, is also fraught with complexity for me. It was the start of a very hard week 9 years ago (which rolled into a very extended and anxious period). One day I'll write about it.

  11. Aww! Happy Birthday to your daughter! =]

    La C.

  12. Happy Birthday M! What a beautiful girl.

  13. haha Store Lifting... that is cute. Props to your little darling.. which is a DARLING btw.

    What did you do for her B-day?

  14. Awh big happy birthday and I'm such a rubbish blogger these days so just cuaght up!!
    PS email your address again those twiglets are squidged in a post bag ready to go and I finally have time to go to post office - so sorry for long wait!! Katex

  15. Happy belated birthday, beautiful girl.

  16. She's just adorable. My smartass parents would have laughed at me and insisted that that's when someone lifts up an entire store and tries to run away with it. Jerks :)

  17. Happy Birthday pretty girl. She is like something out of a 1959 postcard of Happy Days.

  18. La C: Thanks!

    Janet and Wendy: Thank you so much!

    GJ: We went out for dinner with her friend on her actual bday. Then she went to that friend's for a sleepover. On Friday (the day after) we had a sleepover with M plus 4 other girls (eeek). We went for dinner to a local pasta place with those girls and some grown up friends of M and ours. Then the girls came back for a movie sleepover party. Yes, I am so exhausted right now. But, amazingly, she's at another sleepover tonight. So I'm drinking some wine...

    Kate: Thanks. I will email the address again. No rush, of course.

    Thanks Stacey, E8 and Hammie!