Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Food Diary Diaries

A few days ago, I clicked up my online food diary to chronicle (and remind myself) about what I had eaten that day so far. (Note to reader: In case you don't know about my love of consciousness-inspiring list-making - esp. as goes food quality and consumption - read this.)

Imagine my shock and horror on discovering that the site, which had been free to me for 2.5 years, since I read about signing up for a gratis account while reading an issue of Marie-Claire in which it was discussed, had "undergone a renovation". Sidebar: Holy crap, that's a terrible sentence...

Seeing how tech support has yet to respond to me, I'm fairly confident that's code for: Our revenue model was tanking so we decided to cancel all the free accounts, change up the format and make anyone (who really cares) pay for our revamped service.

Now here's the thing. Had I been notified in advance that this reno was taking place - had I been given the opportunity to pay to retain my account - I would most certainly have done so. Sure, I would have done it grudgingly, but that site represented 2.5 years worth of info about my eating habits. For $50.00/year (or whatever it is), I'd shell out.

Instead, I had to scramble for an alternative; I hoped there was an alternative. Given the unreliability of my up-till-then diary, I now know I need something reliable. Imagine my glee when, 10 minutes later, I happened upon FitDay. It appears to have a free model and a "for pay" model, and I'm happy to look at some ads to use the service without charge. The infrastructure is miles better than the site that ditched my info with nary a warning; it's got so much more functionality! Now, I don't know what the old site has come up with since the revamp, but I don't really care. In case you're listening DietDetective: I've got a new friend now.

PS: This shakeup got me thinking about the food diary as a concept, and what it means to me, and why everyone should try it (IMO), so please stay tuned for a post on all that...


  1. i agree! a food diary is an excellent way to lose weight. i've been using the free on at - it also lets me log my exercise (even walking my dog). anyway, it's super easy to use and i've been losing weight. YEAH! thought i'd pass this along to you in case you were interested. cheers!

  2. I like using . I haven't touched it in a couple of years, but I was using it to keep track of fitness before my HK trip in 2007 (I knew I was going to be doing some serious hiking so I had to build up some endurance..). there's a nutrition tracker on there as well. I've never really used it, but I know you can enter your own meals or it makes meal suggestions based on your needs/goals.

  3. Oh yes, I've alredy had a food diary and it helped me a lot.

    K, I'm in trouble, my yoga teacher is going away. Do you think I can make it at home seeing how it's done in internet?
    Well I've tried before, and you told me about....
    Let's see.


  4. Teresa: Not even to lose weight (though it's excellent for that) but to manage one's understanding of how and why one eats. I enjoy the process tremendously.

    Y: I haven't heard of that one. GOing to check it out. Thanks.

    Seeker: I responded about yoga to one of your recent posts. Email if you have more questions...

  5. Wow, what a flub on the part of that website. I can't imagine they'll be in business much longer with that sort of shortsightedness. I think a food diary is a great idea. I kept a water journal for a couple weeks and that helped me see how lacking my water intake was. I ought to do one for a food. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Sonja: I STILL haven't heard back from them, more than a week later. They are so off my love list. Fit Day is so easy to use - I am going to do a post on the food diary soon - stay tuned...