Tuesday, April 14, 2009

To The Unfortunate Woman At Bungalow the Other Day...

When the (presumably commissioned) SA at the boutique says over-enthusiastically - but with pinch - "Ooooh, that top is sooooo cute!", the subtext is: on the absurdly svelte woman with the cut arms who bought it yesterday.

Nothing drives me crazy as sales people bullshitting clueless, awkward young girls.

It's so unnecessary.


  1. Amen, sister! Fabulous rant :)


  2. Never trust a sales person - it's their job to sell, not to tell you the truth.

  3. Aw, that is sad. I rather distrustful of sales people in general and prefer it when they ignore me...which they often do.

  4. Very true, very true..... Last time I trusted a sales person I came out looking like Rondald McDonald.

  5. this happens ALL THE TIME. one sales lady over did it with me when she exclaimed: I LOVE YOUR HAIR! OH LOOK AT YOUR BAG! AND YOUR BRACELET! YOU HAVE SUCH STYLE! i walked away. barfaroni.

  6. God I hate it. I HATE when you look at some garment and they say "Oh this is really popular!" like that would make you MORE interested, instead of LESS.

  7. CC: I was on my soap box!

    Imogen: Occasionally you find a really principled SA (often the shop owner) and that is a joy, no?

    Rebecca: I know, I like to go to them when I'm ready.

    GJ: Ha! I find that hard to believe...

    drollgirl: It's the disingenousness...

    Dr. M: We're like one person :-)

    Sister: Oh, I know! Like "You're going to see this on everyone" is a selling feature.