Sunday, April 19, 2009

Soft Focus

Till a couple of years ago, I was one of those people who categorically hated having her picture taken. Seriously - maybe there are 10 photos of M and me in her first 4 years. Back then, I couldn't operate the camera (not that it was fancy), much less bear to pose for it. And you know how intensely stressed and hideous I was back then... Well, unless you know me in real life, you don't. Which is just the way I'd like to keep it.

Anyway, eventually I got a grip on the stress and changed the whole lifestyle and started a blog about my true love (fashion) and the next thing I know, there I am taking pictures. (If I'm going to brag about that new gorgeous thing I've bought, I'm sort of obligated, no?) And then Scottie got me a cell phone for my birthday - which truly, I could care less about but for the pedometer and the built-in camera - and suddenly I was waiting in restaurants, taking pictures. Walking down the street, taking pictures. Going into vintage shops, taking pictures. Doing crazy eye-makeup, taking pictures. You see what I mean...

Somewhere along the line, Scott - who, for his many flaws, has supported my habit completely - went out and spent a living fortune on this SLR camera so that he could take photos of me and my stuff for the blog. Natch, he gets the occasional opportunity to snap "artful" shots for personal use which, in his opinion, justifies the cost completely. :-)

The fascinating thing about good photographers is that they capture what they see. I love this one, taken of me by my husband, because it shows me who I am to him:


  1. Wow, you look so fantastic in the picture. Your husband has a good eye :)

  2. Talent meets beauty. Lovely in all respects.

  3. What's that top you're wearing?

  4. You look modelicious, K.Line! Love this photo so - your hair looks great, and your expression is so communicative!


  5. That's a lovely picture! You can see the love in your eyes!

  6. oh yeah, he is doing a bloody good job too. I take good photos of my guy but he can't.. i'm just not photogenic!

  7. So to him you are ... a knockout? Interesting. Just what you are to the rest of us. ;)

  8. what a great shot!

    i hate having my picture taken and am quite happy to take pictures of anything but moi. :)

  9. OMG K* you look terrific!!!!
    So beautiful!!!

    I'm back dear, not very well, but...
    Thank you so much for your concern and support.


  10. Lovely photo! I'm glad you have learnt to enjoy being in front of the camera because you are beautiful and should enjoy it! :) x

  11. You look amazing...the photo has so much character :)

    I still feel uncomfortable having my pictures taken in public.

  12. Love this line: "because it shows me who I am to him." I like how truth is beautiful because it's subjective, in the eye of the beholder.

  13. Thanks Fructzwerg! He does have a good eye...

    D.: Except when we want to kill each other :-)

    Anon: What a lovely compliment!

    Raven: The top is Rick Owens. It's kind of see through, one-shoulder and it has fringe at the bottom. Totally inappropriate for anything. But I loved it. Got it on mega sale. Still 100 bucks!

    CC: Thank you so much!

    Monkey: Why thank you...

    Miss C: I was having a loving moment.

    Songy: I totally disagree - you are entirely photogenic!

  14. You look gorgeous!
    Totally at ease and beautiful, you could be looking in the bathroom mirror.

  15. Sal: You win comment of the day :-) Thank you for that.

    Droll: Thanks. Now I'm getting all blase about it :-)

    Seeker: Thank you xo

    Frock: Nice to see you here. Thanks for such a sweet comment.

    Marta: It's always amazing to me when people like to have their photos taken. You, of course, are just gorgeous. So I wouldn't worry about it :-)

    Miranda: Thank you. It's so true though, huh?

    Sister: Merci beaucoup!

  16. Lovely! Maybe he can give lessons to MrB who apparently can do anything perfectly -- except for operating a camera.

  17. first of all, I love the way you write! that last sentence made my lip quiver. Secondly, I so want an SLR and I could for sure bribe my husband with new "artful" lol ...shots. And third of all, you are gorgeous! :)

  18. Thanks Wendy!

    Maegan, thank you so much! What a lovely complimentary comment. :-)

  19. Lovely photo! Lovely woman! Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful story and photo.

  20. Sonja: Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Nice to see you here.

    ~h: merci beaucoup!