Thursday, December 10, 2009

Slippery Slope: Part 1

I figure, since I tortured you with my being tortured about making slips, I should show you the final result. It was, IMO, rather successful in the end. Of course, "the end" implies 20 hours were spent and extra trips to the textile district made and costs increased and food forgotten.

So I've decided to maximize the photo op. Over the next 3 posts, you will meet my lovelies one at a time (2 are variations on the same item so I'll spare you and count them as one).

I'll start with the first one (I mean the first one I didn't have to throw out):

Pros: I made it and it's wearable and I LOVE the complementary colours and a shiny woven slip is more elegant that stretch, IMO.

Cons: The material, while woven and having body, is not optimal. It's a misery of fraying, which you can see if you look closely in photo 3 (why am I advertising this??). I zigzagged over all the edges before finishing them, but I think it's a stopgap measure. I mean, not everything has to last forever, right?

(I warn you, if you fit a small/medium and I've known you for 10 years or more, chances are you will be the recipient of one of these. Even this one :-))


  1. this is amazing, i love the colour. very impressive!

  2. It really is gorgeous, K. Nothing more glam than a colored slip ... sorry to hear it was such a headache to make!

  3. Oh dear, this is very well done!!!
    I'm impressed and I didn't mind to have you doing one for me. ;-)


  4. Lovely slip, darling!
    Fab post title too!


  5. I think that handmade gifts are fantastic! Your recipients will be lucky, indeed . . . And that fabric is a truly lovely color.

  6. Pink: Thank you!

    Sal: Now I am over the misery and onto the happy feeling :-) Thank you!

    Seeker: Ha! Not taking orders quite yet, but I'll let you know when I do :-)

    Thanks Monkey - and thanks for your Xmas card!

    CC: Thanks. I like the title too :-)

    Miss C: It's such a lovely lilac that doesn't quite come out here. But the homemade gift is fast becoming a fave. Thanks...