Friday, December 25, 2009


Ah, it's been an exciting time here in Christmasville...

Last night we set the table for a beautiful meal. Alas, as the cooking goddess is fickle, we had a dry pork roast experience. The child (for some unknown developmental reason) decided to complain about the entire affair and then to cry. At the dinner table.

Note that we had mood lighting, but the flash completely messes with it...

Later, when M went up to bed, Scott set up our new 40 inch Sony flat screen TV - soon to have Bell premium internet cable (with Live TV). And a PVR. He also hooked up the PS3250. You should know that I have no idea what any of this means because, until yesterday, I still had the same television my parents gave me in 1989, with bunny ears. It gets 7 channels and that worked for me. But now that the whole dang world is going HD, our stations are starting to disappear. And the child feels left out of the 21st century. And my husband - Mr. High Tech meets Luddites in a Field - can't go half-way. It's either state of the art or a phone without call display.

So here we are having a modern family Xmas.

Happily, M still loves American Girl, which I blew my brains out on this year. My parents assisted the process, buying her jammies to match the ones for her new doll. And there were doll coats and summer dresses and glasses. Yes, doll glasses. Because, as M says, Ella's vision isn't what it used to be.

Amongst all the books and games and crafts and AG, there's the skirt I made for M this fall:

It seemed so big a couple of months ago. Now it's fitting fairly well - I mean, a bit big but it won't last the 2 years I originally envisioned!

I got 3 Hot Patterns, which I love (of course, I requested them by number :-)):

I also bought myself these books, which S kindly wrapped:

The Beautiful Fall (which wasn't 20 per cent off when I bought it 2 weeks ago)

How to Set Up and Run a Fashion Label (what, a girl can dream...) - sure as hell not 34 per cent off when I bought it!?

Singer Simple Sewing

I think the key here is to either a) read the books 2 weeks before Xmas so that you can realize the value of the non-sale experience (I did buy them after all!) or b) do not look at the post Xmas sale tags. Note: I did get discount for ordering online and using a coupon so all is not lost, but still! These books weren't cheap.

Scott got the regular items: fancy soap, a cashmere sweater, a DVD (Serenity), a new sugar canister (yeah, he asked for that) and a cashmere scarf. Being a guy is so boring!

The weather outside is more ugly than seasonal, but we are cozy up inside. Tonight we'll have our stock in trade (ha!) roast chicken and veggies, from which I'll make a yummy soup tomorrow. I still have pots de creme in the fridge so I'm debating whether to make something else or rest on my laurels.

Happy hols to all my wonderful blog friends and readers (you are so important to me!) - and a special shout out to my family in North Carolina: my mother and father, my sister Allison, her friend Jason, and my nieces Jillian and Caroline. Hope you all have an excellent day in the cabin. Think of us! Kxo


  1. I've already said it, but Merry Christmas again!

    Your daughter looks lovely in the skirt. You did a really good job!

    I'm a boring person to shop for too. I just make a list of books I want and a list of stores I want gift cards from. I'd rather pick out my own clothes.

  2. Merry Christmas, K! Looks like M is happy. That's all that matters, eh?

  3. Oops, should have said - previous comment with photobucket link not for publication, just for communication! Will now post one you can publish ;-)

  4. Merry Christmas! It looks very cosy there in your nest, I hope the dry pork hasn't traumatised you and that the new patterns are not the kind to torment you!

    PS. your daughter is so like you, I know I always say it but I think it's so lovely (says she you has a child who is basically a miniature version of her husband).

  5. Looks like a great day! Big techno day here too: daughters each received a loaded iPod shuffle with mother-approved music. That means the O'Jays' "Love Train" along with show tunes and a little Gaga for currency. Of course their pals all have iPhones, but I will not go there!

    We should have an American Girl party, as a sleigh (thanks, Grandmere!) and a few boxes of clothing also came our way . . .

    And I like pork--as well as my wit--dry. Just add more applesauce.

  6. Well done you... the centerpiece looks splendid. The meal.. divine and the skirt... adorable.

    Happy Christmas K

  7. When I was a kid, it wasn't a holiday until someone cried at the dinner table.

  8. Merry Christmas K! Can't wait to see all the sewing projects that materialize in the new year!

  9. Your dinner looks delicious and the mood lighting looks fab even with interference from the flash! I'm sorry to read that the pork roast was a tad dry. M. grilled steaks and mine was a tad too rare for my taste....

    I'm with Wendy, it isn't a holiday until someone cries at the table.

  10. Raven: Thank you. And I'm not a surprise lover. I generally prefer to pick for myself too...

    Tessa: At Xmas, that is definitely all that matters :-)

    Skye: I loved your Xmas table! And the patterns are already tormenting me. I'm trying to develop perspective. Now I just walk away... My mother believes that M is the spitting image of Scott and looks nothing like me. So it's nice that you can see the resemblance!

    Miss C: You've gone all high-tech! I love your comment about pork and wit. I'm going to use that one the next time I find myself in a pinch :-)

    April: Thanks! I LOVE your tree, btw.

    Wendy: Ha! OK, looking back, that might not be so off the mark.

    Janet: I'll do my best. And happy new year to you...

    Historiadora: I do like my steak very rare, so maybe we should have switched?

    Monkey: You know the way to my heart :-)