Thursday, December 24, 2009

Chestnuts and Boasting

If this woman goes to one more happening holiday soiree, I think I'm going to lose it. (With envy.) Honestly, how does she have energy to work?

Pls. do yourself a favour and review her social calendar blog posts while drinking some kind of fattening beverage / eating cheese shortbread. It's almost like being there.

Merry Christmas all. Kxo


  1. Sandra will start putting on the pounds in 4-5 years. It pays to always take the long view.

  2. I only drink fattening beverages if there is ice cream or alcohol involved.

  3. I only drink fattening beverages when I have to burp... cola and ginger ale... haha

    I'm filled with envy....

    Happy Christmas K

  4. Thanks Monkey: Hope you had fun...

    D: Hilarious! OK, I'll keep it in mind...

    Wendy: Fortunately, in this house there is always ice cream and booze. And butter.

    April: :-) Merry Xmas to you too...

    Bel: And to you. Cannot wait to hear your fun news!