Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Other People Love Xmas!

Christina has the right idea(s) about getting with the holiday spirit. I do love the idea of buying, or making, beautiful items that will be "just the thing" for their recipients.

The moment someone opens up a thoughtful gift - and loves it - is regular magic!

(On that topic, M calls me "SantaMom". Actually, when she loses a tooth she calls me "the Mom Fairy" and at Easter, I'm the "Mom Bunny"... I think it's clear I'm associated with the goods!)


  1. agreed! i think i look forward to seeing others open the gifts i give them more than they enjoy receiving them...

  2. If you're worried about what to get me...just send money.

  3. I love to make gifts, but this year I simply couldn't manage my time. One little niece will receive a hand-sewn doll quilt, though (made in the car on our 14-hour drive!).

  4. Sophie: I don't love being surprised, but I love surprising people...

    Wendy: Gotcha. What, cake isn't going to do it for you?? :-)

    Miss C: You manage your time beautifully. I'm amazed by all that you accomplish. I think creativity is happening all the time for you, and your niece is one lucky girl.