Monday, December 7, 2009

Australians Get All The Luck...

Right about now, even as I'm enjoying the ever-crispening air, I could really manage a night - and scene - like this:

Photo courtesy of, where else, desiretoinspire


  1. that looks lovely!

    it is so bone-chillingly cold that i am ACHING today at work! the heat is not working and i can feel the cold seeping into my bones. UGH! where is my afghan?!??! hahahahah.

  2. Well, I am in Sydney, Australia, and the forecast today is for 35 degrees C (that's 95 degrees F) - I think I'd rather be cold! Although we did eat dinner outside last night to the sound of cicadas, which was nice ...

  3. I'll take the green chair on the right and happy to pour you a glass!

  4. Janelle: For me, it's the utter, miserable darkness that's torture. It's like midnight out there (and spitting with rain).

    Tiffany: Pretty soon we're going to be feeling regular -20C with the windchill. I'll take 35! (But I know, that's wearing.)

    Grin: You are so ON!

    Kate: I can't help it.

    Wendy: I'm apparently a "whatever weather it doesn't happen to be right now" person.