Saturday, December 26, 2009

Supporting Role (or is that Roll)

The lovely people who distribute the Invisibelt in Canada kindly sent me one to try out for myself which is so appreciated because a) I was so intrigued to see it first hand and b) I'm always looking for a new apparatus to slim my midsection while holding up my jeans :-)

In truth, I wear a lot of jeans, mainly skinny, and I do like to pair them with a slim (often knit) top that comes down over the waistband. I'm not a tucker. With the skinnies, you have to be a freakin' toothpick to get away with that! And I'm frequently dismayed by the amount of bulk results from my natural circumference plus that of a belt.

Here's what I can say about this product which, regrettably, is rather tough to find in stores in the Toronto area: It's easy to use and quite unobtrusive. The width is good for a variety of sizes of belt loops - while still being thick enough to provide the "slimming" support you might be seeking. It has an expansion / retraction mechanism (kind of like on a bra strap or yoga belt) to allow you to wear it on the hips or waist or somewhere in between. The one I got fits sizes 0 - 14 and there is a "plus" size version available also. The website is excellently informative about how to use the item - not that you'll need it. It's not rocket science and there are instructions included in the efficient packaging.

I'm still getting used to mine which is definitely, though not dramatically, less bulky under skimming tops. Finding the perfect tension, I suspect, is key to achieving optimal impact. My issue isn't so much about minimizing flesh on my waist or sides, but about sucking in the little lump of fat below my navel. I'm not sure how it's going to help me with this specifically. Maybe that's where self-control comes in?

Let me end by suggesting that, if you ever happen to drink too much one evening (for example) and you come home really late (not that that ever happens) and, somehow, your Invisibelt ends up near the side of the bed - do not step on it when you get up! Because it really is practically transparent. And you sure don't want to break that sucker...

(Canadian peeps: If you'd like more info about where or how you can buy this in your area, pls. email and I can put you in touch with the CDN distributor.)


  1. Um, think I need one of these about 10 inches deep!

  2. OOOh I've been wondering about this one! Good review!

  3. Fab: I hear you...

    Kate: It's kind of like a belt that's also a bandage :-)

    Christina: If you give it a try, let me know what you think.