Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Could I Possibly Love This More??

I mean, the creepy heads have to go but this piece is pure perfection.

Image courtesy of (the continually awesome) desiretoinspire

It's by Caleb Woodard. You know you're destined for furniture-making greatness when you have the word wood in your name.


  1. Whew, now THAT is gorgeous.

  2. Hmmm, I kind of like the idea of creepy heads.

  3. love it. very 60s midcentury modern with an edgy twist. if i had a room in my fantasy house devoted to recreating the set of Mad Men, this would definitely be a centerpiece!

  4. Creep is in. Just arrived home from Basel Miami, where bodily fluids, dismembered heads, body parts held court.

    With your interests, you must be an art fair lover?

  5. That's weird, but glad the issue is resolved.

    Glad you want to be an artist because I'm one of those people who prefers to enjoy it.

    Baby steps for me. I'm getting used to crafting!

  6. That cabinet needs to be in a gorgeous house in Big Sur( or in your gorgeous house). Love the element of it having waves of movement in its stillness.

  7. That is a very nice cabinet.

    I found a little unglazed ceramic head in a corner of my first apartment. I've kept it for almost 30 years because I found it charming and I think the previous owner considered it a guardian of some sort.

    But bald, severed antique doll heads? Creepy indeed.

  8. That is one fabulous piece and I love way the craftsman has accented the grain of the wood with the alternating to provide that sense of undulating waves. Rest and motion embodied and at peace. Fabulous.

  9. OMG awesome piece!!!! Love it.

    Thank you so much for your comment and support in my blog.


  10. Sal: It's so fluid!

    Wendy: Why doesn't that surprise me??

    Sophie: That would be a lovely house, I'm sure!

    Lydia: Creep really is in! I'm seeing it everywhere...

    Bel: You have described it perfectly. I want it all the more now.

    D.: That's very sentimental of you. What a nice story!

    Mardel: That's perfectly expressed. You and Bel have to teach a woodworking appreciation course together!

    Pink and Seeker: Isn't it just??

    Clarissa: It's perfect. I concur.