Thursday, December 31, 2009

In With The New

I'm no resolution-maker, Lord knows that takes too much public commitment. The things I do, I just get off my ass and do. I try not to think to much about the implications of getting started, of failure, of success (egad!) For sure, many things that have been in the back of my mind for years have still not materialized. Hell, many things haven't even made it into the back of my mind yet (I sincerely hope)...

Having said this, I think it's all well and good to look back on one's year with consideration. I am so profoundly grateful for so many things that have come about in 2009 that it's hard to articulate. I know this year has been an extremely difficult one for many, many people. For many others, it's been a challenge. Certainly, I've lived through those years of exceptional challenge and they are tedious, tiring, frustrating and soul-suckingly frightening. But, having persevered through them (which is to say, having continued to get up in the morning) - only to find, in the long course of time, that bad years really can be followed by good ones - well, it gives me hope.

I am hopeful that everyone who's struggled this year will approach peace and balance in 2010. I wish you imagination and tenacity, bravery in the face of fear and the ability to express yourself creatively with courage and joy.

I think y'all know I'm a communicator at heart, and the opportunity to connect with all of you - from around the world - to learn about your lives, to hear your opinions, to know you care, is just awesome. Thank you all so much for stopping by.

Let's see what comes of next year, shall we? Kxo


  1. That was a beautiful sentiment. Optimism, positivity, curiosity, open-mindedness, and industriousness are not necessarily learned skills, but they are the key to an exciting and ultimately rich life. It's worthwhile pondering how to slip some of the chains of doubt, resentment, envy, and blaming others for our misery and shortcomings. We all have these good and bad qualities. The key is to examine ourselves and wonder where they all fit.

    Thank you for an optimistic message at the end of a tiring year, and the beginning of a shiny new one!


  2. what wonderful thoughts to take into the new year! :) i'm grateful that i found your blog, looking forward to seeing more of your witty observations on style and adventures in sewing in 2010!

  3. Happy new year to you -and may I join your chorus in wishing light and relief to those who've had a dark year in 2009. Mine has been a struggle, but just now, pashing on with my hairy husband, drink in hand and joy in heart, it all seems so far away.

    Welcome 2010, may you be a grand year!

  4. Happy New Year K.... I will always try and remain is my sanity in an insane world.. and your blog too of course...

  5. I'll be here, along for the ride with you!

  6. Hear, hear!

    Tenacity, yes please! That would be nice (damn giver-upperer that I am) ;-) Happy 2010 x

  7. D.: Thanks to you for such a great comment. xo

    Sophie: Here's to our sewing adventures (and posts) in 2010. Oh, and thanks so much for the tip on S.E.W. I'm really having fun with it.

    Skye: I know your 2009 was all over the place (literally) but I sense that calm and new order are making their way. xo

    Wendy: Well you're really kicking it off fine with those manufacturing posts.

    April: You are totally optimistic and so creative. Can't wait to see it in action in 2010.

    Hey S: It's been a year for us now. :-) I seem to recall writing about joyfully discovering your blog at the end of 08!

    Iris: I don't believe you. I'm sure you are tenacious. But here's to more still. :-)