Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Feel So Sassy

Thanks to the creative powerhouse Ambika (who has her own Etsy store!), I found out about an affordable way to get those woven tags I've been so wanting, you know, for my "clothing line" :-)

My own handmade efforts have seemed very slightly illegitimate for the lack of something to help me distinguish back from front. And now that I appear to be giving away quite a few of my experiments, I feel a label is necessary.

Oh, and it's still another way for me to keep the craft industry in business. So, if you're in the market for woven tags that don't cost a fortune, check out this site...

Anyone who's used, feel free to let us know of your experience. My tags won't arrive for up to 6 weeks!


  1. You know I love mine! It'll take me forever to go through the labels I ordered (I just don't sew that fast) but I'm already looking forward to experimenting with different fonts and colors.

  2. Years ago I bought some of those "Made Especially for you by ...". Have never used them. The only things I ever handmake are crocheted scarves and blankets. And they're a little hard to sew onto yarn. Maybe yours will fare better.

  3. oooh. coolness. i'll have to check this out. in the meantime, have you heard of moo business cards? they let you customize your business cards with artwork from independent artists and designers. :)

  4. That's the one I use! But of course I forgot its name even though I receive emails from the company. I hope you like . . .

  5. What great tags! I wish I could sew so I could put "Made by Sonja" tags in something. :)

  6. Ambika: I know. I may change my name, my fonts - everything! I mean, I don't have a "brand" like you so it's even easier for me. I think they did beautiful work on the ones you got - and that they suit your work excellently.

    Tessa: Oh, I hope so. :-)

    Sophie: I have heard of them. Bel, one of my fave bloggers, got some made up and sent me the link. I've been meaning to do some for, like, a year and I haven't yet got around to it. But you've renewed my commitment level!

    Miss C: That's a bad sign for their marketing efforts :-)

    Sonja: You know, you could always sew them in over the store bought ones. (Just joking!)