Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Child's Play

Last weekend, on the hunt for a pair of -40 snow boots for M, I discovered 2 rather interesting things:
  • M's feet are now a size 4 kids - which is the same as a women's size 6?!?!?
  • We Canadians really know how to design and manufacture boots, to wit: Beeko.
In truth, this isn't the most colour-saturated photo ever - they might have gussied it up a bit on the website. But the shoe is just gorgeous. Youthful yet not too "little kid".

They are one of 2 pairs I bought - the ones that are merely warm and water resistant, we might say "fashion-y". (They weren't in the plan but I could not resist so I chalked them up to an early Xmas present.) The others, the ones I went out for in the first place, are arctic snow boots by Kamik. That word means - Lord help me - "Inuit boot" in Inuktitut.

Had I realized that before I got home, they might never have been purchased. :-)


  1. Gorgeous. And far cooler than my North Face clunkers.

  2. Really cute.

    Which reminds me that I should check my cold weather winter boots to be sure they are still in good shape/fit before I need them. I guess I've been avoiding that.

  3. They are lovely! They look so warm, I need a pair like that London is absolutely freezing

  4. I'm relieved I live in a climate where I can wear heels most days.

  5. Those are cute boots. I want a pair!!

  6. The best thing about the amazonian sizing of kids these days is that I can wear kids boots!!! and they are often better made and way better value than equivalent value.

    So send me a Euro 39 please.


    (are the second pair made of sealskin chewed soft by old innuit ladies who are about to be left out on the ice if they can't think of another 20 new words for snow?)

  7. Oh dear: children need new shoes, sandals, or boots at least twice a year and I always feel like I'm behind in getting them. We have no snow, and, I believe, no snow in the forecast, so I'm stretching this non-new-bootlessness as long as I can. But I know that a sudden snowfall will catch me off guard, sans boots, with the proper sizes all sold out. . .

  8. they are cute! and they look so cozy and warm as i sit here with a window open. gah! must close it, as it is even getting chilly here!

  9. Sal: I was so surprised by their chicness - and for kids! Of course, they were $$.

    Mardel: Def do it soon. I always leave it too late and then I'm sorry...

    Dreamer: I guess the waterproof element is key for you though. Hard to find really warm and good for rain.

    Wendy: It is a fortunate thing!

    Stacey: If you're a size 7 womens or below, I think you two can own them. And save them for Ess.

    H: Comment of the week. The thought of those ladies and the seal is making me laugh, still now.

    Miss C: That's quite an outlay of bucks! I'd stall for as long as possible because those little feet will grow an inch in the month you wait it out :-)

    J: I sympathize :-)

  10. These are really cute! And you Canadians are fab -- that's why I'm marrying one. :)

  11. Winter weather boots are so much better-looking now than they were in my day.

    I remember wearing my white patent-leather knee-high boots in the snow; they were sooooooooo cool.

  12. Historia: Very smart move :-)

    E: OMG - I would have LOVED that. I never had anything so cool.