Friday, December 4, 2009

Hot? Or Not?

I've wanted a wood-burning fireplace since - well I can' remember when. We always had one when I was a kid. Now it seems they're far and few between - even in century homes (in which they've been plastered over, generally) and in a frigid climate that warrants one, no questions asked.

Oh, you can find yourself an ersatz gas-powered one, not that I'm scoffing at any beautiful flame. But that just doesn't give the full, through-the-ages experience.

Now, where does this come in:

Generate Design Fireplace Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Yes, an ethanol-burning, table-top gizmo. It's certainly an interesting design.

And you can put it on your dining room table.

But it seems a bit dangerous to me, hmmm? Whatcha think?


  1. Yikes, no thanks. It looks so cold and un-cozy.

  2. I saw something similar on a home makeover show last weekend. It was a simple coffee table covered with a thick slab of concrete(?), with a hole in the middle to place the fire.

    It looked nice and went well with their decor (industrial). But I kept thinking it's a good thing they didn't have kids. I was a little worried about their dog too even though it was a little terrier and probably couldn't reach.

  3. I'm sold but I'd have flames and candles everywhere if it wasn't such a fire hazard!

    And I do miss my log fires one in every room bar bathrooms and kitchen in old house (sniff)

  4. Very.

    But it looks very cool, too.

  5. Sal: It is cold and uncozy. But maybe it's cool?

    Monkey: Duly noted.

    Raven: I'd actually be more worried about a pet because they're harder to watch like a hawk. I mean, they can jump faster.

    Wendy: I agree. But also kind of cold (see Sal's comment).

    Kate: Oh, I do love candles...

    Bel: OMG. It totally does. It is SO over for me now :-)

    E: I'm liking your profile photo...

  6. ~h: That's completely nuts! Fireplace in FLA?? Love it.