Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Under Construction

Here's the latest thing that's driving me to distraction...

The photo is of my inside-out muslin (a prototype made of cheap cotton) and, gotta say, it's not going outrageously well right now. The pattern instructions are, um, brief - so I've been trawling the net for assistance from anyone who's made it before.

I'm gaining a small amount of traction, thanks hongkongshopper, but I've still got to figure out (without being instructed) how to face the yoked waistband. If anyone reading can advise, I'll take your help and give you kisses.

The broader issue is that it doesn't fit at all on me like it does on the pattern model (a drawing of all things!). Of course, it's not done and muslin doesn't drape like the fashion fabric. However, it seems I've cut it too large. Fortunately, I can widen the seam allowance to make smaller the finished product (hopefully this will work).

I'm all about accepting "standard body measurements" (used in sewing) and in not making things too small because I prefer the number on the (metaphoric) tag. But I think I may have gone overboard.

As you can see, there's no way around being a beginner, except to keep on. That's what I remind myself... Like hourly.


  1. this reminds me i need to still finish my tweed pencil skirt and wool dress lining, so that i can proudly wear them while it's still winter!

    pattern sizing is weird, though. but i'd rather have my pieces require taking in than the other way around!

  2. Oh dear I don't know what to suggest as I always just turn under the inside facing yoke at the bottom edge and stitch it. You could increase the seam by 1 cm and neaten the edge with binding.

    Also I think you can use the curve to adjust when you machine. I'm probably the worst person to give advice as I always take short cuts - you will too eventually!

  3. I cannot tell you how brave you are to take on sewing. Just looking at the muslin brings on nightmares from Home Ec class decades ago.

    But I know you will perservere and soon I will be staring enviously at you in your fabulous outfits!


  4. I am a fly on the wall who's quite in awe of the frustrations associated with patterns and sewing success. And you say you're a beginner??

    This weekend I'm glad to announce that hubby and I are setting up a desk that will be the resting place of my first sewing machine. I wonder what a good project is to start on?

    And, by the way, that collar on your new RED dress is so mandarin mod. Loving it!

  5. Sophie: I hear you. And I cannot wait to see the wool dress. That's fancy!

    Kate: Thank you for your well considered response. I've decided to sit on this one, until something comes to me - but your feedback is the start of that thought process.

    Christine: Thank you for the show of support. It does take bravery :-)

    Lydia: Thank you! Let's just say I'm not showing you the garment insides :-) A really good first project, I think, is a simple A line skirt (pref. mini). It will help you to learn a whole bunch of principles (darts, zipper, button hole, seam allowances, hemming, cutting etc) but won't throw you over the edge. Although secretly, while it's the easiest thing to sew (apparently), it almost threw me over the edge :-) You also end up with a simple, chic item to wear and impress your friends with. Can't wait to see your sewing set up post. K