Tuesday, December 8, 2009


If you look back on my posts from last December, you will notice how many of them refer to the joy of the season and the beauty of this time of year. (I recall a comment, from Sal, in which she joked about how Xmasy I was being, and how she hadn't imagined it would be my style.)

Cut to this year, as I'm trying to figure out a way to convince my child that a festive Christmas chair is as apt a present-delivery vehicle as a decorated tree. I can't seem to find any interest at all in trimming and wrapping and partying and baking (well, truthfully, I can find a bit of interest in that).

Maybe it's because I've gone all sew-borg lately. Maybe it's because it feels more like October than December outside. Maybe it's because I really need a holiday (my boring, endless refrain).

Well, gotta say peeps: this shit stops now. I realized, while getting my coffee this morning (and chatting with the barista), that if I want the long lunches and fun times to roll, I've got to be the change I want to see.

So here's what I'm going to do (and I urge you to join me if you've got the seasonal blahs):
  • Let the cooking begin. How miserable can you be with baked goods and cream-based sauces?
  • Share the wealth. To avoid gaining the "holiday 5", ply your friends, coworkers and daycare with 2/3s of your yummy food.
  • Start wrapping. Given all my compulsion, I finished my shopping 2 weeks ago (ok, I continue to find bits and bobs but I could stop anytime). Now is the time to make them look good.
  • Trim the tree - or the chair. The presents will look better that way.
  • Buy some pretty, seasonal greenery. Drape it over things.
  • Enjoy your friends and family. Parties can energize you when you attend them with no specific expectations.
  • Take a cab to said parties. If you usually walk or transit, this is a nice (warm) treat. If you usually drive, then think of all the drinking you'll be able to do :-)
  • Listen to that Xmas jazz. It's the only time of the year you can do it!
  • And, for me specifically: No more sewing till after the 25th. All this learning is sucking up too much of my energy. Maybe you have a beloved hobby that impacts you this way?

I'm really hopeful this is going to do the trick.

How about y'all? Are you in the spirit?


  1. No. But I look forward to getting a little holiday spirit contact high off of you. ;)

  2. I just finished 400 cookies. Baking that is. It was bittersweet, though, in that I couldn't call my mother to brag. But that is part of the holidays - remembering those who have passed as well as reveling in the ones who remain.

  3. Great advice but I'm yet to do any shopping! Since having petit garcon I officially don't do Christmas until the 11th of Dec as his birthday is the 10th.

  4. My birthday is the 23rd, of course I'm not in the spirit! Ugh.

  5. I bought the tree today but can't be bothered to decorate it!

  6. I haven't been in the mood to bake or decorate, but like you I'm going to try and change that this weekend by forcing myself to do it.

  7. Here here, girl! I am trying like crazy too!

  8. OH I started singing Christmas carols to myself the other day. That is always a good sign.

    I am trying to get back to the sewing while still indulging in all the holiday decorating and baking. this may be a mistake but I hope there is balance. Luckily we are going away for the actual holiday, so there is a little less to do, but I can't abandon festivities completely. I've started baking and sending out baskets, but not the excessive baking of some year.

  9. This is a weird holiday season for me.... I'm on the academic job market, which is grim and kills most of my good spirit, holiday or no. However, my fiance and I got a tree (his first), which I was psyched to decorate. But then after two light debacles, I gave up on it having lights and just did ornaments, candy canes and tinsel. This is the first tree in my life that looks lovely by day and lackluster by night.

  10. Sal: You're doing pretty well with the hannukah cucumber :-)

    D.: I'm sure your mum was watching over the whole process - giving you great cookie support!

    Kate: That is tough, dealing with bday parties and Xmas in the same month!

    Ms. Wendy: The holiday birthday is a pain, I've heard from many friends. You should just pretend it's in June and people will buy you much better loot.

    Fab: I so hear you.

    Meg: That's what I'm advocating! Force yourself :-)

    Christina: It's all we can do...

    Mardel: If there's one thing that helps me to find the groove, it's the holiday baking.

    Historiadora: How wonderful that, despite things being a bit stressful on the work front, you are still attempting to make a lovely Xmas for yourself and your fiance. Good on you! And the tree doesn't need to light up to be utterly beautiful. I actually prefer them that way sometimes.

    Pink: Why doesn't this surprise me? :-)