Saturday, August 1, 2009

Food for Thought

Cost of 20 croissants at generic bakery (i.e. Cob's): $50.00 before tax.

Cost of 20 croissants made at home: $5.00 all in.

OK, I know it took a long time to make 'em - I imagine, though, it gets easy after you get used to the recipe. Let me point out that the home made ones are 1/10 the price. And you get to tell everyone you made them.

Just sayin'...


  1. Cooking is such a wonderful artistic expression. It works on so many levels and engages all of one's senses.

    When I can jam I often wonder at the economics of it: One hour picking berries, $8 dollars for 12 jars, $1.50 for sugar, $1.50 for pectin, 2 hours cooking and canning. For less than a dollar a piece, I wind up with a dozen little glittering purple, red, and orange jewels that I can admire and give to friends and family.

    It's a gift at both ends.


  2. You are slowly turning into Martha Stewart, just make sure you pay your tax my dear!

  3. Hmm, I agree with the first comment. I like making things at home, cheaper, artistic expression, and often with practice, better than the majority of commercially available options.

    Getting to tell everyone, and just knowing you made them is priceless.

  4. I hate spending time. I'm very miserly that way.

  5. ooh, I would totally want to try make them myself. but it seems croissants in the us are quite pricey. in germany 20 would have made a bit less than 20€.

  6. a great thing to make, they look so difficult though!

  7. D.: You are so on my wavelength. It's the creativity that I love. And the compliments :-)

    Fab: Ha! I don't think she has to worry for her empire quite yet :-)

    Mardel: Didn't D express it so well? It's also about starting with nothing and ending up with a beautiful result, courtesy of alchemy!

    Wendy: Um, you've got a bit on the go right now. You can't prioritize everything!

    Kitten: OK, I'm not good with the conversions but isn't that kind of the same amount?

    Pink: They do look difficult. I found rolling to actually be a bit tricky - not difficult, just a knack I really am going to have to work on!