Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slithery Good

These is one crappy ass photos of some fabulous new pants:

(I've had some challenges getting my photographer to engage with his art - hence the cell phone shots of random body parts.)

Here's what you need to know about them: They're stretch cotton "snakeskin" skinny pants from Zara. I tried them on in the spring at regular price (which was $49.99) and decided that it was a steep price for pants I might never have the nerve to wear. They would have been cheap at the cost because they are super comfortable and very wearable. Weirdly so.

I got them for $19.99.

So, yeah or nay?


  1. Definitely yay. You SO have the nerve to wear these, lady.

  2. Yay. Maybe not for everyone but I think you can definitely pull these off.

  3. I say yay...about 15 years ago I had a pair of snakeskin print pants that I wore to death. They dressed up any top!

  4. I only wish I had the nerve to wear them!

  5. I say yay for you K.Line - with a funky black top and some gladiator sandals you'd rock them!

  6. oh these bad boys could be VERY SEXY and perfect for a night out. say to a concert? or a bar? um, you can make these work!

  7. D.: Thanks. I do wear them with a black top. Don't want to get too loud!

    Sal: After the harem pants, these seem kind of tame :-)

    Mardel: Why, thank you!

    Wendy: Something tells me yours were the real deal...

    Kate and Miss C: Thank you for the vote of confidence...

    Tiffany: You think you won't, but then you start wearing them and forget what all the fuss was about :-)

    Im: That's just how I wear them. It's like you're psychic!

    Pink: Thank you - I think :-)

    J: I know, a bar, a concert - too bad I haven't done that in 2 years! Instead, I'll just wear them around and pretend :-)

  8. J: Thank you! I thought you might approve.

    H: You would rock these.