Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guess I Should Count Myself Lucky...

Photo Courtesy of Blog TO

This storm hit around 7 pm and seemed to last a freakishly long time (though it moved insanely quickly). It's responsible for a leak in the back room of the second floor (the "yoga room"). Never mind that I'm agitated to know how much that's going to cost to fix, it's really disturbing when everything around you floods, tornadoes touch down all over the place and people (or at least person, so far) die.

Our roof was recently redone. The water didn't come in from the ceiling, rather from a hairline crack in the parging of the exterior wall. 8 years it's been there without causing trouble. But tonight the rain literally drove itself through. Pretty scary shit.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear your house was damaged, but I'm glad you & your family are safe! It was pretty scary for a while when I heard a tornado was spotted in Vaughan and moving north-east (I'm directly east of where it was). But luckily it moved more north then east.

  2. We've been having crazy hard rain storms here the past couple of weeks.

  3. as long as you guys are OK that's what really matters. Today we had a freakish windstorm with houses and apartnment blocks having their roofs blown off!

  4. Good grief - how scary but the picture is amazing.

  5. Oh Geesh. At least you are okay. The whole thing sounds frightening.

    We had leaky roof for years and every storm I was running around with buckets and feeling like the house was going to fall down around me. This sounds a little more manageable (and we finally got all the problems done with the roof, cross fingers.

  6. Yikes! Glad you and yours are OK, despite the leak ... we had several tornadoes here in Mpls on Wednesday, too. Spooky.

  7. wow guys you seriously have some scary weather there. i'm glad you're fine :)

  8. Wendy: I know. Post apocalyptic. It was posted about an hour after it was taken and I uploaded it 10 minutes after that.

    Y: Egad. Scary that you were so close. Glad it missed both of us.

    Dr. M: My parents have told me that - very rainy in the mountains.

    Imogen: That was just the sort. 200 houses are uninhabitable now - 40 need to be torn down!

    Kate: Isn't it. I wish I had taken it!

    Mardel: Fingers officially crossed!

    Sal: What is going on with this shitty summer weather? I'm so bummed.

    C: Thank you. It seems to get scarier all the time!