Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thing I Love

Do not hesitate for 1 second to buy this book:

The old school recipes are clear (and somehow made relevant for a 21stC audience), the photos insanely appealing. M. Roux instructs about all the basic pastries and the primary sweet and savory fillings (sauces, creams etc.).

I just finished it and it's taking all of my restraint not to go make a boeuf en croute, like, this minute.

On the menu this weekend: sable cookies (an old fave I haven't made in years) and coffee ice cream (made with a base of creme anglais). Both recipes can be found this terrific cookbook.

One day soon, you may read about my efforts to cut down on the cooking. But not today, my friends.


  1. Ohh, I love Michel Roux! Sounds so yummy.

  2. What if I never bake? Do I still have to buy it?

  3. ah gawd i LOVE cook books! i miss good cooking. both in tky and seoul i dont have any opportunities, but also no need to cook. but im looking forward to something of the sort someday again :)

  4. Mardel: I'd never heard of him but now I am a TOTAL convert.

    Monkey: Get the book. The recipes are largely vegeatarian :-)

    Wendy: YES! It's simple food porn - no cooking required.

    Kitten: I saw your great food post the other day. Loved it!