Friday, August 14, 2009

Lilies Take 2

Our lilies have struggled this summer - at the front and back. For some reason (maybe they don't like constant precipitation?) many just haven't popped up. These, in their second summer, were the only ones we got in the back garden. They smell like Hawaii at night. Seriously.


  1. beautiful. My lilies are a month-old memory. We are in full-on dog days here.


  2. The lilies are stunning. It is a strange year for lilies here too. They must be transporting.

  3. nothing worse than struggling lillies :) they are so beautiful, i adore the smell of them too!

  4. pardon my crassness, but FUCKING GORGEOUS!!! just amazing!!!

  5. Thanks E!

    D.: These are gone now too. But just by about a week.

    Wendy: MErci Beaucoup!

    Mardel: What a fascinating idea. I don't know what they're doing but I do note that they are fussy - some years they come up, some they don't. Just when I'm sure they're dead, they come back. Of course, some of them are transplanted from other spots to the backyard so it's hard to draw any hard and fast conclusions.

    Kate and CC: Thank you!

    Pink: The smell is out of this world. Perfume cannot begin to approximate it.

    J: Thanks! You know how I like crass on this blog :-)