Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School Hair

M just got her back to school 'do:

Notice the indigo stripe on the left side?

Update: Photo is now lightened.


  1. I can't see the indigo (and I clicked to enlarge so I could hunt for it more effectively), but if you put a pair of glasses on that girl then you've got a mini k.line, that's for sure! Very pretty.

  2. Adorable. And I think I see a hint of the indigo, although I would only know it because you say it is there. Charming with just a hint of sass..

  3. Gorgeous. Just like her mom.

  4. I THINK I see the indigo...but indigo or not, she's a beauty!

  5. she looks so much like you... in fact i thought it was a picture of you as a kid!


    She's gorgeous ;) Just like her mama!

  7. Miss C: Thank you!

    Skye: I hope you can see the stripe more easily now. They put it underneath a swath of her hair (I guess because they thought I'd prefer it that way). Now we'll have to go back and have it made more bold! Thanks for your lovely comment.

    Monkey: Thank you!

    Mardel: See comment to Skye. It is sassy but she'd prefer it to be a bit more visible under all circumstances.

    Sal: Thank you!

    Wendy: She gets it from me :-) Thank you!

    Tessa: Yup - about to start 4th grade!!

    Jennine: Really? Everyone thinks she looks just like Scott. My mother says there's no resemblance!

    FrouFrou and Janet: Merci!

    Maegan: Don't let her hear you call it blue - it's PURPLE! (doncha know) :-)

  8. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!Soooooooo adorable. She looks like some gorgeous blogger I know. I can't think of her name but when I do I will let you know( I think she is into Pilgrim Baking).

  9. What a beautiful kid. I was so painfully awkward when I was her age.

  10. Bel: You are so sweet! :-)

    E8: Thank you. She's much less awkward than I was also!