Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Gift of ReGifting

You know that cashmere sweater I bought at Laws of General Economy? You know how I mentioned it wasn't quite right on me, what with its emphasis on the stomach zone? Well look at this gorgeous woman wearing it:

Her name is Caley and she has her own great blog. And, the most fun part, she's a friend and colleague of my girl Sal! Let me tell you those Minnesota ladies are fashionable and fine!

The simple story is that I offered the sweater to Sally, on the proviso that I'd found it "challenging". Happily she was game to give it a go. I suggested that, if it didn't work on her, she might regift it to someone else on whom it might be just the thing. And 5 minutes after discovering it wasn't right on her, Sally knew it would be excellent on her work pal Caley (a woman who needed a sartorial pick-me-up that day), and the rest is history!

Don't you love this happy system??

Here's my suggestion: Why not find something in your closet that just doesn't quite work - but is nonetheless fabulous - and offer it to one of your blogger pals. If it's not perfect on her, she can pass it along, and you may just get the chance (in a very small way) to enrich the life of someone you don't even know!


  1. That top looks great on her - nice work you guys!

    I have passed on a few bits and pieces to other bloggers over time, I highly recommend it!

  2. This was a very fun little game of "pass the sweater." Glad to have been the conduit, and I can confirm that it looks SMASHING on Cal.

  3. She looks good -- passing something along is always a good idea as long as you don't gift wrap it and pretend it's new!

  4. This system is truly beneficial. Everyone gets to feel good!

  5. She looks good, and good for you, passing it along. I love the sharing of things that don't quite work on one person.

  6. Excellent idea...and so very now with the whole green/frugal aspect. She looks lovely in that sweater!

  7. I have been helped by you more times than I can count. The generosity of bloggers is so inspiring. You are a sweetheart and the sweater looks fab on her!

  8. This is a great idea. And thank you for the heads up on the AT posting. I've been so busy lately, I hadn't seen it. I may just have to apply . . . and I'll keep you posted. Thanks for thinking of me! You're the best.

  9. jess says: you are too sweet. Don't miss me too much-i'm back from mtl (jealous?) on tuesday.

  10. that was a good thing to pass it on & she looks good too

  11. I think I may try this. My closet is just itching for a clean out.

  12. CC: The girl or the sweater :-)

    Skye: Isn't it so fun. This is even more fun because it had such a wayward path before landing in the right home...

    Sal: Excellent!

    Wendy: So true. I don't do that. I swear.

    Enc: And it's no pressure too!

    Mardel: It makes more space in your closet, among other things :-)

    Laura: It is kind of modern :-)

    Bel: xoxoxo

    Alek: If I see you on AT, I'm going to love it!

    Jess: I am jealous. Too late. And the weather just got nice too!

    Pink: It's just the right colour on her.

    E8: Remember me when you do it :-)

  13. this is so brilliant!!! and she looks so happy with her fab gift!

    well done, k. well done!!!

  14. It's like a fashion blogger freecycle! I love it!

  15. She does, J, doesn't she!

    Ambika: Excellent way of describing it.

  16. Fun! Nice to see regifting work out well... we've heard some stories when people accidentally regift the items back to the same person.