Monday, August 24, 2009

In Case You Happen to Be Pregnant...

My longtime friend E, who lives in LA, is joyously awaiting the arrival of a new baby this fall. As luck would have it (and completely unbeknownst to me till she emailed on the weekend to advise), she has ordered / is wearing the Isabella Oliver maternity line.

Here's what she has to say:

The Isabella Oliver stuff I have bought has been sized 0,1,2 etc. For pregnancy they say to buy your pre-preg size and that has worked for me, so I would guess that they are pretty true to size on the non-maternity wear too. The skirt is definitely meant to be a tight fit, it's cut that way. I have found the staff to be extremely responsive by email so I'm sure if you sent them an email and included some measurements they would happily recommend the right size.

She sent me some photos of herself looking fantastic - but I fear it would not be fair to post them without her approval... E: Let us know if I can put them up on the blog.


  1. i'm not but my friend hopes to be soon, so thanks for posting.

    i wanted to tell you that i saw your post on labelette and your home is gorgeous.

  2. Well congratulations to your friend, and I've passed along a meme if you are interested.

  3. Hope your friend is well. You could always chop off her head for anonimity!

    I'm not, and never plan to be again, and have taken some steps to ensure that it doesn't happen!

  4. K- it’s fine to post the photos (head and all!) but feel free to adjust the cropping/contrast as your editorial eye sees fit, since these are quick+dirties sent direct from my phone. For anyone who is interested in Isabella Oliver….one of the strong points of the maternity line is that the fabrics, though stretchy, feel substantial, and are super comfortable. I wear the tank top and skirt under a jacket for a semblance of professionalism at work, and after work to run errands etc the jacket comes off and I switch to flip flops. It feels like I’m lounging around in yoga clothes all day, which is a nice bonus when carrying what feels like a watermelon strapped to one’s front in the summer heat.

    And THANK YOU to those who posted kind congratulations ☺ Much appreciated!


  5. Wendy: She's approved (see below) just need time to adjust the relevant photo!

    editor: Thanks so much - your house is gorgeous too! Want to check out your great furniture!

    Bel: E says thanks for your well wishes (see below)

    Mardel: Thank you so much for the meme. Have tagged it. I'm so bad at those, I must admit!

    Imogen: Oh, I hear you honey :-)

    E: Thanks for this fantastic update and for the permission to use the photo (will be posted when you least expect it, I'm sure). Kxo