Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oliver Twist

I seem to have made friends with the people at Isabella Oliver (though still waiting for when they send me that red billowy dress for blog accuracy :-)) I've never seen the brand here in Toronto (or anywhere in Canada actually) but I'm intrigued by the website which is home to the "regular" line (365) and the maternity line. It's amazing how chic those pregnant models look. I suspect my ass would not have fit in one of those body con items during 2/3 of my pregnancy, but to each her own. Mind you, I was pregnant so long ago that the Gap didn't even have a maternity line! Back then big pregnancy asses were de rigeur. You young 'uns these days have all the options!

The idea behind 365 is that a few of their multitasking, stylish pieces form the "wise investment" portion of your wardrobe. They come in lovely colours, neutrals, blouson, fitted and asymmetric styles. And while the line is not inexpensive, if it fits well and lasts, why should it be? I for one would be happy to sample a variety of items I've seen on the website - if only there were a Toronto store where I could try on before purchase.

The line reminds me somewhat of Donna Karan's "7 easy pieces" collection - though 365 stocks lots of items. There's an emphasis of jersey, flattering fit and elegant drape.

Has anyone had any personal experience of the brand? What can you tell me?


  1. I'm of no help here about this brand but I've always liked the idea of simplifying our wardrobes. They still make that Donna Karan line? I must investigate . . .

  2. I love the clothes in that line although I had never heard of it until you posted the links. I'm not likely to see it near me either. I have ordered quite a few things from the web, but looking at this site, I don't think the dresses would work for me without a try on. At least they give lengths, which on me would be about 1 1/2 to 2 inches shorter than shown on the model, not an ideal length for the dress you show, and which I adore (bummer). Some of the tops might be intriguing, and some of them are long enough. Oh the problems of being tall (and long through the torso as well).

    I would probably be more interested in ordering Donna Karan online as I have more experience with her fit, but unfortunately the prices are a little out of my range right now.

  3. Don't know the brand. Just want to say I laughed at this: "big pregnancy asses were de rigeur."

  4. Hmmm, I haven't had any experience with any brand not sold in Target in about 9 years. The fashion pity party for Heather starts at 2!

    Also, when I was pregnant, Gap had maternity, but only online. Who shopped online back then!? No one.

  5. Another non-customer ... but eesh, I'm just DROOLING over those dresses. Too bad I need another dress like I need another pair of shoes. OOPS, I mean a hole in the head.

  6. ah cool... it's really nice to see a flattering body con out there

  7. I wore a LOT of stretchy lycra things when I was pregnant, but that doesn't mean it looked good!

    Anything in a capsule collection reminds me of the corporate uniform catalogues I used to proof read at a crap summer job I had millions of years ago. The multi-tasking, the limted colour palette, the idea that you'll wear the same thing for years...

  8. i like the drapin effect on this dress

  9. i've never heard of the first i thought it was from the new Bottega Veneta collection. but you are right, it reminds me of Donna Karan too!

  10. I wore belly basics for Boo pregnancy. A box of cotton lycra jersey pieces to suit the season. Tube skirt, leggings with a big waist thingie, scoop necked dress and long top.
    Of course I took a blow torch to it when Boo was born, but with 12 years between us I can see the sense and simple beauty of the concept - without the big waist thingies.

    perfect capsule wardrobe, just add highlight items like gorgeous shoes, huge necklace or nippy jacket.

    Jersey drapery gathery things seem very womanly to me, in a good way.

  11. Alek: I don't think they still make the line - I was looking back...

    Mardel: I learned from the marketing rep that they are only online (intriguingly the prices include shipping and duty and are in your country's currency). Which kind of mitigates the cost. But I agree that it's tough to buy when you can't touch.

    Wendy: You remember the late 90s!

    Heather: So nice to see you here! And I know, I could have got Gap online (from the States! double crazy) but the rigamarole was so intense I just couldn't do it.

    Sal: This comment is hilarious!!

    Jennine: This kind of reminded me of you because I know how you love drape...

    Skye: I've seen a photo of you pregnant and you were insanely gorgeous. This would have been great on you!!

    Pink - Isn't it lovely??

    FrouFrou: Interesting. Never thought of that buy you're right...

    Hammie: I remember that! I didn't get it, you needed to order online and (see my comment to Heather above) that was beyond me. It came in a box.