Sunday, August 9, 2009

Everything Old Is New Again

When the friendly people at Isabella Oliver - a brand about which I know pitifully little - sent me some photos from the look book, I had a moment of deja vu. In fact, I emailed back to find out if this dress:

was a variant of this one I'd seen on Cate recently from Kate's blog (photo courtesy of Make Do Style):

Turns out that Cate's dress is vintage Ossie Clark - something I realized when I went back to MDS and re-read the post.

It's like dress twins, yes? Strikes me that, if you love the billowy look and you don't have access to vintage royalty, this might just be your alternative.


  1. so very very similar. beautiful dress.

  2. Good find! Well spotted and the great plus it is attainable or affordable!!

  3. spot on!!! and vintage dresses can be so fabulous!

  4. Definitely has a bit of an Ossie look to it. Well, who HASN'T copied Ossie? Everyone does!

  5. That is a pretty design - but one that doesn't suit me one little bit unfortunately. I think it must be my stumpitude coming in to play.

    PS. didn't Ossie nick it from the 40s anyway? Everything old is new again, again, and again!

  6. I love vintage! ...and being old enough to know what's old is new again. ..seriously love that :) This dress is fab! I have a similar red vintage Karl Lagerfeld ...I should do a post to add to this and link to you ...for real! :)

  7. Both are really great dresses. Cate B. always looks regal, no matter what she wears.

  8. Love both dresses. A red dress is always a good idea.

  9. Pretty--there's a similar dress by Lyell for UO that I'm coveting...

  10. Both are pretty. Well, a great idea is always a great idea, and you really can't beat a fabulous red dress.

  11. Pink: Isn't it wild how similar they are?

    Tessa: Thanks!

    Kate: What do you think of the Oliver line?

    J: Oh, I know, but the sizing in vintage is so much iffier!

    Wendy: I wondered what you'd make of this :-)

    Skye: I don't think it would really work on me either. But I do actually think it would work on you...

    Maegan: Do that post! I wanna see it.

    E8: I know, she defies all human standards of beauty!

    Bel: Esp. with red hair!!

    Rebecca: I will have to check it out.

    Mardel: I gotta get me one!