Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This Gives Guest Post a Whole New Meaning

I was beyond myself with excitement when Bel invited me to join in on a great post series "Home is where the guest blogger post is". For the last couple of weeks various phenomenal writers have been sharing the secrets of their personal relatedness to "home" and defining what, exactly, that term means to them.

It is a particular joy to me, that I have been given the opportunity to participate, not only because the subject is very near and dear to my heart, but because La Belette Rouge is an incomparable blogger, and the protagonist of a fantastic blog. I mean, really, how cool am !??

The blog matrix is one in which each of our minisites is a true home and each of our friends (to whom we link) a comfort and part of the community chain. Who would have thought that the vast space between us could be nothing more than brief inconvenience?

I'd love it if you'd stop by today and check out my piece - and please leave a comment there if you do!


  1. THANK YOU!!!! You are far too kind to me, but don't stop. And, thank you so much for your fantastic post. I am so happy you are part of this series. I always feel right at home at your gorgeous blog and it only seems right that you should have a home at my place.

    Your post made me realize that we haven't even begun to look. I can't believe all the houses you looked at in such a short time. You also reaffirmed my belief that one must love a house enough to be willing to live on boxed carb products in order to buy it.

    Thanks again!!!!xoxoxo

  2. Congratulations! I can't wait to read it!

  3. Came from reading your post at LBR.
    Great post, indeed.
    I think it's so you, I can see your heart there.

    Hope all is great with you.



  4. woo hoo! i am racing over to check it out!

  5. Bel: It can be fast - but it tends to be furious! I have a 5 year supply of KD for you in the basement :-) (should it come to that!)

    Thanks Wendy!

    Tessa: I really hope you like it!

    Seeker: What a lovely thing to say. Thank you Kxo

    J: Don't forget to leave a comment. I don't want Bel's readers to think I'm unpopular :-)

  6. Oh wow, and I haven't even gotten to Bel's blog yet. Must go there NOW.

  7. Great post - left you a comment there! It really spoke to me and reminded me of the love affair that I had with my first house, which may have had some rising damp issues, but other than that!

  8. Mardel: Thank you for your lovely comment there!

    Imogen: I remember your post about your beautiful first home. It must have been sad to leave it!

    Kate: Thanks! I really enjoyed your house post too...