Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Not Too Late... buy me a pool.

Audrey Matlock Catskills Home courtesy of Apartment Therapy


  1. Ahh, more swimming pool porn. That is really beautiful; serenity in a photograph.

  2. If I bought you one now, you'd just use it or something.

  3. Is there an end-of-season pool sale?

  4. You would have to master the art of slipping into the pool without a ripple, languidly gliding just below the surface, and emerging from beneath the crystal waters like Aphrodite in love.

    I don't see a downside.

  5. I would, but they're darn hard to fit into an envelope and post from Australia to Canada!

  6. If there's a two-for-the-price-of-one deal, let me know! Have been craving a pool since we returned from the ocean. But an ocean would do, too, of course . . .

  7. I'm sorry but I can't send you my pool I like it too much! (in my swimming pool porn dreams)

  8. Mardel: I've never wanted a pool so much as this summer!

    Dr. M: I know, that's so like me.

    Wendy: You know, there probably is, but probably not on this model! :-)

    Fab: I know. I know.

    E: You always say the right thing!

    D.: Thanks for adding to the envy torture! :-) (I can really get with that scenario.)

    Imogen: Ok, you're off the hook.

    Miss C: Maybe they have a version with salt water? Best of all worlds!

    Kate: Ha! We all need our swimming pool porn dreams. That's what I say.

  9. oh god. these shots are painfully good. especially as it is FOUR HUNDRED FUCKING DEGREES IN LOS ANGELES, and i am DYING for relief.

    i am exagerating a TINY bit. i am in an air conditioned place, but STILL. i am petrified to step outside as i will most assuredly burst into flames in this stupid weather.

  10. I know, I can only imagine how painful it must be to look - and not have access, what with your weather!