Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shopping Like it's 1969

Oh, my Pretties, have I got a story for you...

After work, while killing an hour before meeting up with friends for dinner, I decided to walk along Queen Street and, ahem, window shop. (You know I'm being financially circumspect - and what with "back to schooling" the kid, I'm trying not to spend frivolously.)

Nonetheless, when I got to the Gap - a store which I'm much more neutral about than many who deem it "100% over" - I was lured inside by the promise of a promotional $20.00 of the new 1969 premium denim line. I've been following the line, reading the articles, and, till yesterday, I've resisted the urge to check it out. What? I think we've determined I have a bit of a habit when it comes to jeans.

I knew, before walking in, that the brand is incredibly well-priced ($80.00 CDN) on a wide variety of styles which are extremely well constructed in numerous lengths and washes. I am very pro-Patrick Robinson - I've said it before that, if anyone can dig the Gap out of the merchandising black hole it's been languishing in for the last 5 years, it's Mr. Robinson - and, a few months ago, I bought a prototype of the 1969 line (at least that's what I think it was) with my French trouser jeans. I'm still wearing them. They are durable, flattering and they work on practically all occasions from business to pleasure.

I couldn't help myself. Put me in a store with jeans and I'm compelled. I tried on practically every style from curvy to always skinny and every freakin' pair looked better than the last. To call them flattering does not do justice to this incredible product. I can tell you that many body types - from boyish to svelte to voluptuous to "challenging in jeans" - will find a friend in them. They fit like $250 jeans and you don't have to get them altered cuz they have a cut for short people.

And, just to make you feel like a million bucks: no doubt you can go down a size - or even 2 - because it's vanity sizing! I've been having a tough week on the "feeling good about me" front. It's the subject of another post that will likely be 20 pages long but I've got to reign myself in on baking like the owner of a patisserie. Feeling comfy in 6 pairs of 27s was a boon, even if it was entirely inaccurate. My psyche's too stupid not to get bound in the spell.

I settled on the skinnies in indigo. I figure a girl's got to have a signature look and mine is the skinny jean. They have some miracle pocket action happening so your ass looks perkier than a sorority sister. According to the SA's there's actually something in the fabric that assists with this. And, apparently this style is flying off the shelves on a number of different body types - though naturally the girls with stick legs prefer them.

I took them to the cash. They were $80.00 minus $20.00 plus tax. I whipped out my Visa like a shopping ninja. The cashier said: You know, we've got a promotion going on so when you pay with Visa you get an extra $10.00 off. I said: You mean 10%? No, she responded, 10 dollars.


They cost $55.00 all in. So run, why don't you? Don't walk. These 1969 prices can't last forever.

PS: Photos of these and my new Zara snakeskin skinny pants (I know, I know) to follow soon.


  1. That's what I hate about Gap. Vanity sizing. Which means I can't shop there for bottoms at all. Their size 24 is huge.

    I'd love to give the idiot responsible for this stupid sizing a piece of my mind. Along with all the other stores who pull this crap. You can't size down from a 24.

  2. Sounds great! But vanity sizing makes me crazy because you can start to believe what those little tags say.

  3. There's nothing like a good retail experience to perk one up! Glad you found something nice.

  4. Oh good info - I'm going to try the lot too now to see how they fit in the UK.

    I'm with you, you have to try and buy!

  5. I shouldn't have read this. I can nly consistently fit into Jeans from the Gap. I was in there the other day and wasn't able to try on because I had a toddler with me who was in need of a nap and I felt so good I hadn't gone crazy buying jeans. Now I am regretting it. I must go back. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. Oh there's nothing like a something new and fabulous for a quick cheer I'll have to go check those out, the gap, at least, I can find locally.

  7. I have a horrible jeans addiction. I just bought a pair of J Brands that fit like a dream, but now you've forced me to check out Gap. I'm a sucker for vanity sizing.

  8. So funny that I read this today because our friend Timm just got a pair of his own {boy versions ;)} and told me about the -$20. How awesome is that!

    ...and yes, photos please ;)

  9. Yah, I'm gonna need photos.
    I do believe the gap are putting a lot into jean's based engineering, I just want to see you in 'em.

    I nearly passed away peacefully buying new jeans in H&M when I gained a few extra pounds last year. Had no idea what size or shape I needed. Thank God I got back into my collection of thrifted beauties- if a thrift store doesn't have your size, it isn't YOUR fault. Much better for the psyche!

  10. hmm... i heard the fit is supposed to be completely redesigned. but the vanity sizing is down side for me, usu. gap bottoms run too big for me. i havent tried them on the 1969s yet.

    i like what robinson is doing with gap.

  11. Raven: Eek. I never saw it as a problem before - probably because I'm right in the middle of the sizing pack. Good point.

    Miss C: I know. That is a bit of a problem.

    Thanks Wendy!

    Kate: Do a post and tell us what you find...

    Cosmo: Ah, the toddler factor. Best way to save money on buying yourself anything nice! Go back and try - they really fit well.

    Mardel: That is a plus...

    Skye: I've been very end of summer blah about photos lately. I'm trying to get my mojo back.

    Janet: I know! And I have great J Brands too, but these (dare I say) fit just as well. Egad.

    Maegan: I've been wondering about how the guy jeans fit. Thinking of getting a pair for Scottie.

    Hammie: You're hilarious. H&M is anti-vanity sizing, of course. More like "kill me now" junior miss sizing.

    ~h: He's good, yes? Try them (if you can find them small enough) and let me know.

    Everybodysaysdon't: See my response to Skye, but photos are coming, I swear :-)

  12. Yup, I'm definitely getting the skinny indigos too. I will pick them up tomorrow or somethin' then I'll blog about them as well.