Thursday, August 6, 2009

Long Weekend BBQ

Y'all may know that I spent most of the Toronto long weekend in my house. Without abatement. At first, I was too tired to go out. Then I had "cooking obligations" aka I was compelled to make 2 tarts, some dinners and a batch of caramel candies. Fortunately, the weather was awesome so we were able to have a delightful dinner party in the garden - finalement. In August!

Here are a few photos of the table:

Um, notice a little something called SUN??!!

Seriously, my gratitude for beautiful weather could not be more sincere.


  1. Oh the garden looks beautiful and the table. And how nice to have the time to create, a lovely space to entertain, and the weather to cooperate.

  2. Gorgeous. Wish I could've been there!

  3. Such a simple yet elegant setup. I love dinner parties and am so pleased you had sun. The last 2 days feel like they didn't even exist with the constant grey and rain in Cincinnati. But today Apollo returns.

  4. oh that looks so lovely, epitomises summer

  5. Everything turned ot so perfect. Hope the weather continues to cooperate and you get a great deal of use of the yard.

  6. First food porn now outdoor eating porn - this keeps getting better!

  7. What was the long weekend? Your table looks scrumptious!

  8. Mardel - Thank you! You know how I've been working on it.

    D.: Every once in a while, for an hour, it is :-)

    Thanks Wendy and Sal. I wish you could have joined us!

    Ricky: Thank you. The weather has been just awful here this summer. I take it not much better for you? We deserve some good weather!

    Pink and Seeker: Thank you! It like the apex of summer for us so far...

    Thanks Ray - You should come and have dinner here with us!xo

    Kate: This is really as far as the porn goes. I swear :-)

    Miss C: Simcoe Day - first Monday in August. It's a bank holiday and has diff names in diff provinces but is celebrated throughout most (but not all) of Canada.

  9. wowowowowowowow. I love it. So peaceful, tranquil, beautiful. Fabulous!

    {note* I spend most of my weekends in my house. .lol!}

  10. M: Thank you. You can't hear the Moroccan guy singing in the alley behind the fence! :-)