Friday, August 28, 2009

Thinking Outside the Room

Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

I'm posting this as an example of a room I wouldn't necessarily create, but which appeals to me on many levels nonetheless.

I enjoy the gorgeous vista, large windows, beautiful floors, animal touches and warm yellow walls. While the ornate element doesn't do it for me, the design isn't overwhelmed by fuss. I'd sure be thrilled to spend a week surrounded by this - or an evening at a dinner party.

Do you appreciate any particular style that isn't specifically you? When do you have the opportunity to experience it?


  1. Always. I love looking at different rooms I wouldn't necessarily want to live in, or create on my own. My grandparents' house was like that.

    Funnily enough, my living room has the same feel their house had. I have a lot of antiques. But they're not as fussy.

    I love the look of your house and yard, K. I've always thought it was a great style I'd like to emulate at some point.

  2. If you'd asked me this last year, there would have been no chance I'd even entertain the thought of even enjoying anything other than hard lined modernism.

    Now however, you'd be hard pressed to drag me out of antique shops and/or industrial salvage stores. A few casual glances at the occasional eclectic industrial/rustic/modern interior sparked my interest to check out all the great stores in my area, and voila! A new obsession was born.

  3. I love the look of complete minimalism, but I'm not likely to be living in it with my family!

  4. I absolutely love looking at interior decorating magazines. I'm drawn to the ultra ultra sleek, modern looking lofts, but I could never live like that!

  5. you've hit the nail on the head! i like it, but it isn't exactly "me".

    i used to have a grandma (now deceased) in arkansas that was MAD for textiles. she was a quilter. she had every single pattern, rug, and dish set you could imagine, plus trinkets and glassware and odd wall hangings GALORE, and she made it work. she worked especially well with red and blue shades. i couldn't do it, but it was fun to be around.

  6. this appeals to me too, very homely & lots to look at

  7. E: It's fascinating how you recreate the familiar, but make it your own! And thank you for that truly lovely compliment, E.

    Wendy: Isn't it??

    Ms. U: I hear you. I'm so like that, all one way till I get it in my head to do the opposite. It's all good!

    Imogen: Children are the death of modernism :-)

    Stacey: See my comment to Imogen above :-)

    J: I love a good quilt. So difficult to chic it up, but when you get the right combo of things it's a total hit. Thanks for your great comment...

    Pink: But could you live in it? (Not that they're offering :-))

  8. That's the exact color of my living room walls. Love it!

  9. J: You have such awesome interior design sensibility. I'm sure the colour is perfect in your home. It's such a gorgeous warm yellow! But intense...