Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm So Going to Check This Place Out

On the way to pick up supplies in Parkdale a few weeks ago, Nicole and I happened across this poutine joint (under construction).

Now, poutine is kind of an acquired taste. I can't say I've really acquired it -because I'm not super big on fries. Gravy and cheese I can totally get with though. And I understand that good poutine is like a religious experience. According to my husband.

Of course, he's an atheist.

Update: This place has been opened for a few weeks now (I took the photos a couple of months ago) and it's getting good reviews. I haven't had a chance to get there myself but I will keep you posted. The original post from this morning, didn't take this into account so it's been edited.


  1. I have never tried poutine, but when I teach Can lit this spring I plan to see whether my American students and I can make it in the uni's kitchen. That and beaver tails, about which I've been tormenting students for years now.

  2. Ugh, poutine. Give me chili cheese fries any day!

  3. My understanding is that the essential ingredient (cheese curd) has to be fresh so a local cheese factory has to be near-by. I would really like to try this stuff. But I would probably have to start shopping at the double-plus size shops if I did.

  4. I was talking about poutine with someone earlier this week! Random!

  5. i already like the look of it!

    and i must admit i don't even know what poutine (or poutini?) is! doy. i am off to look it up now.

    and if it is anything like biscuits and gravy, i would make fast plans to get there soon!

    p.s. thank you for the birthday wishes! somehow my sadness and grouchiness at getting older was relieved when presents arrived and i figured out that being sad wasn't going to change my age much. :)

  6. Last year on our visit to Quebec I tried poutine for the first time. I had been hearing about it from my in-laws for 21 years. Worth the wait. Delicious in a street-food-with-cold-beer kind of way.

  7. I'm inclined to agree with your husband; poutine is very much a religious experience.

    My friend says he likes this place better then Smoke's Poutinerie.

  8. An acquired taste?! It was love at first bite for me.

  9. Miss C: Now that's education at its finest!

    Sal: I don't love the mushy meets crunch thing. I don't really think either of these is my preferred snack.

    D.: You're right, it is all about the curd. And we have a lot of good local options for making them - as far as I know.

    Monkey: It can be on your K-Line Tour of Toronto! And it's affordable unlike most things I recommend.

    Wendy, that is totally random. Have you eaten poutine?

    Hey J: It' poutine - the place is just named poutini to be cute. And it's a total gravy lover's heaven. You must try it. PS - The presents do assuage the concern over age, yes? :-)

    Tessa: Totally street food. Would be excellent with beer.

    Y: Really? That's amazing. I really have to get my ass over there soon. when you are feeling better, you'll come too.

    Raven: But you're the target demographic, Ms. Montreal :-)